What You Need to Know about RORO Ships: Types and Functions in Logistics

Logistics involves moving goods, from raw materials to finished products, and is vital for economic productivity.

The effectiveness and cost-efficiency of logistics processes are also central to the economic growth of a region or country. A more effective and cost-efficient process contributes to stronger growth and vice versa.

Why? Because logistics processes that are cheaper and more effective lead to more affordable manufactured goods.

When these products become more affordable, consumers are likely to spend more. This increased spending will boost the turnover of goods in the manufacturing sector, fostering exponential economic growth.

A logistics process’ effectiveness and cost-efficiency heavily depend on the available transportation options, ranging from land vehicles to air and sea transport.

Transportation plays a crucial role in economic activities, particularly in distributing manufactured goods to ensure their availability across different regions.

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In a country like Indonesia, comprised mostly of waterways due to its archipelagic nature, sea transport, specifically ships, plays a crucial role in logistics. That is why having effective and efficient ships is essential for the entire process.

RORO Ships: What Are They?

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO) ships are one ship type that checks all the boxes.  Haulers, whether small or large trucks, can roll their wheels on and off a RORO ship by running on their engines without needing to be lifted aboard by a crane or other hauling equipment used in other ship types.

RORO ships are also equipped with dedicated walkways for passengers, protecting them from the distractions caused by the cargo loading and unloading process.

What Are RORO Ships Used for?

In addition to walkways, RORO ships are equipped with passengers cabins, adopting the design of landing craft, tank (LCT), and military vessels crafted for transporting tanks and troops. Tanks are loaded and unloaded using a specialized conveyor system.

In Indonesia, RORO ships are used as a means of transportation on rivers, across lakes, and through straits. Primarily, they find extensive use in ferry services across straits and for coastal transportation.

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Now you can see why RORO ships are essential for ensuring the effective transportation of freight vehicles between islands. These ships streamline the logistics process, reducing both costs and time.

The significance of RORO ships underscores the vital role of the logistics industry. Yet, an effective and efficient logistics process is not solely about ship types. It hinges on the practicality, smoothness, and speed that a logistics service can offer.

Choose a Reputable Logistics Company

When seeking a logistics service, it is crucial to check the provider’s reputation and track record.

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SERA, initially established as a vehicle rental company, has become the largest, industry-leading transportation provider.

Drawing on its 32 years of experience and innovations, SERA provides customers with excellent, effective, and efficient logistics solutions through SERA Logistics (SELOG).

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SELOG understands customer needs for end-to-end logistics with a wide range of services, including Contract Logistics, Shipping Services, Shipping Agencies, Freight Forwarding Agencies, Warehouse and Yard Management, and Courier Services.

Driven by the latest digital technology, not only do SELOG services streamline your business, but they are also effective and efficient.

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