Common Misconceptions in the Workplace

As living beings in the modern era, individuals are expected to work productively to earn income and support their families within organized social and economic structures. This brings forth the concept of a worker.

In a literal sense, a worker is someone performing tasks in exchange for compensation or wages. The whole task-performing activity is usually called a livelihood. Different livelihoods offer different sums and forms of compensation or wages.

Among workers, many beliefs are considered accurate,although reality may prove otherwise. These beliefs are known as misconceptions.

Several misconceptions exist among workers related to their work activities or jobs. Oddly, these misconceptions prevail despite being debunked many times.

6 Misconceptions in the Workplace

Effectiveness of the 8-Hour Workday

One of these misconceptions includes the belief that working for eight hours is the most effective duration. Eight hours is deemed the most suitable to work because such a period is considered the peak of human productivity.

As a result, almost all companies worldwide adopt an eight-hour workday in their offices, because exceeding the eight-hour work period is believed to reduce employee productivity in the following days.

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Yet, the reality contradicts this belief. Evidence from an experiment conducted by Draugiem Group, a Latvia-based company, showed that productivity increased when employees worked for only six hours instead of eight.

The evidence revealed that employees taking a 17-minute break every 52 minutes of work were the most productive, debunking the conception of an ideal eight-hour workday to maintain.

Outstanding Employees Will Become Excellent Managers

In reality, excellent managers have not only high productivity but also empathy and leadership qualities. They inspire and motivate their subordinates to achieve the company’s goals.

Lower Workload Among Headquarters Employees

On the contrary, some facts show that remote employees actually make significant contributions. It highly depends on their dedication and commitment to achieving the company’s goals in line with its policies.

However, strict control systems from the headquarters must also be firmly enforced. Furthermore, punishment and reward implementation for employees who fail to meet targets and who exceed them should be consistently applied.

The Power of Money as Motivation

While it’s undeniable that people work to earn income or money, the truth is that many individuals work for reasons beyond financial gain.

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This is because, remarkably, some people feel a sense of pride and happiness in their jobs, even though they could potentially earn a higher income in a different field.

The reason behind this is that their current profession aligns with childhood aspirations, resonates with their conscience, or for other reasons, such as being able to spend valuable time with their families.

Normalizing Work-Related Stress

Such a view is obviously inaccurate because stress indicates mental tension from feeling pressured by tasks.

Feeling stressed at work shows unconscious rejection of the workloadand inability to handle such a huge volume of tasks, even though they can do so.

Therefore, work-related stress should not be considered normal. The solutions can be managing the stress and adjusting the work pace.

High Workload Can Lead to Stress

Individuals working up to 80 hours/week can still feel happy. On the contrary, some others work only 30 hours/week but feel tired and burned out.

Turns out that the cause of their stress is not the work duration, but how they perceive their job.

Many individuals see work not as their obligation but as part of another party: the company. Some others feel inadequate because the tasks they must accomplish are new and have never been learned or done before.

Those misconceptions can emerge in various places and times, not to mention employees of renowned companies with large-scale businesses. The difference lies in the excellent working system and culture in reputable companies that can debunk all those misconceptions.

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Such companies don’t hold back from providing training and studying opportunities to their employees at higher education to improve their knowledge and skills. However, it all depends on the company’s sole discretion.

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