Beyond Personal Belongings, Now You Can Consign Office Equipment at IBID

This digitalized era allows everyone to sell goods in many ways. Following the marketplace and social media, an auction house becomes your new selling solution.

One of the most reputable auction houses is IBID – Balai Lelang Serasi.  For more than 16 years, IBID has been trusted as the safe platform to consign office equipment. It offers a streamlined process and reasonable prices.

Moreover, IBID has been registered under the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) provision. It is legally safe and will provide you with prospective buyers.

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You can consign many things at IBID, including unused office equipment.  Make sure they still function well to be sold individually or in bulk.

You can sell computers, laptops, printers, chairs, and office desks. Then, how do you sell them at IBID? Let’s unlock the details below.

How to Consign Office Equipment at IBID

Submit a Request for Consignments

You can request a consignment via the IBID website or application.  First, register yourself to create an account. Fill out your data and scan your ID. After creating an account, log in by entering your username and password.

Fill Out the Consignment Auction Form

Next, you can fill out a consignment form for non-vehicle goods. Choose your desired location and time for inspection. Currently, the inspection can only be done at IBID Jakarta. After submitting the form, the IBID team will contact you for confirmation and inform you of the inspection schedule within 2x24 hours on working days.

Set a Base Price

The IBID team will provide a recommended price based on the inspection result. You will then need to sign a cooperation agreement between you as the goods’ owner and IBID.

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Choose an Auction Date

Choose your desired auction date. You can monitor the auction process live on IBID’s website or app. After choosing the auction date, bring your goods to the IBID branch office at Jl. Pulogadung No.35, RW.9, Jatinegara, Kec. Cakung, East Jakarta.

Auctioned Goods Sold

When your auctioned goods are sold, IBID will confirm their payment. You will receive the payment within five working days. Note that an administration fee has been added to this payment. Click this link for furhter information.

Those are the tips to sell your office equipment through consignments at the IBID auction house. For further information about auctions at IBID, visit the website