The Importance of Keeping Your Company's Fleet Management Optimum

Follow These Tips to Keep Your Company's Fleet Management Optimal

In various sectors or lines of business operations, a means of transportation, particularly a motor vehicle, is one of the most important tools supporting the company's activities. Transportation is one of the vital elements to keep the business going. Without vehicles, business operations can be impeded or even paralyzed.

Considering how vehicles have such a role and functions, their operations and maintenance must be managed in an effective and efficient manner, both in terms of the usage and the cost. Obviously, this also requires resources, both human as the workforce and funds to cover all the fees.

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Moreover, if vehicles as capital goods are used to manufacture products and services, they must also be capable of increasing the outcomes. However, many problems arising in the field can impact the company’s business operations and financial health as a whole.

One of the companies with the capability to provide effective and efficient vehicle transport management solutions is PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA). A subsidiary of the Astra Group, SERA provides companies with fleet management solutions, both passenger and logistics, based on its advanced technology called Astra FMS (Fleet Management System).

To this day, SERA is widely known as a company engaged in transportation solution services, used vehicle sales, and logistics management services, with infrastructure and service networks spread across Indonesia. The company has amassed more than 32 years of experience serving corporate customers.

Key Features of Astra FMS

Astra FMS offers increased efficiency, effectiveness, security, and safety in transporting logistics and passengers. This is possible because the system helps the company monitor the driver’s condition, operating costs, time management, travel routes, and the vehicle’s roadworthiness.

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Astra FMS offers a number of sophisticated features, such as the On-Board Device (OBD) technology that is able to detect a vehicle’s speed, temperature, and gravitational force.

With the OBD installed in the vehicle's engine control unit (ECU), the data will be recorded to provide real time information about the vehicle movement. In addition, the OBD will monitor every dangerous maneuver performed by the driver, among others, exceeding the speed limit, braking suddenly, cornering abruptly, and taking the wrong route, and will give a warning if the car is at risk of being stolen.

Another feature the OBD offers is the ability to ensure operational excellence by fulfilling purchase order requests through an auto dispatch system that involves both the vehicles and drivers. With these various features, the company can efficiently manage its vehicle operating costs.

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Furthermore, in terms of vehicle maintenance, Astra FMS provides scheduling services for vehicle maintenance. This system will inform customers about many things, including reminder of when to perform a regular car maintenance, when to extend the vehicle registration certificate, and the warranty period.

Thanks to its ability to carry out comprehensive and measurable management, the Astra FMS system has benefited more than 2,000 fleets, both logistics and passenger, across various industrial sectors. Some companies that have enjoyed our service include those of the logistics and distribution industry, the fast moving consumer goods industry, the automotive industry, the mining sector, and the finance sector.

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