Rent a Car for Your Business from a Company with the Best Service

Planning on Renting a Car for Your Business Operations? Pay Attention to These

A means of mobility, particularly motor vehicles, is one of the elements supporting a company's operating activities to achieve its business goals. When the vehicles encounter some problems, the ongoing business activities could be hindered.

A company needs vehicles, regardless of what sector or line of business it’s engaged in. In other words, vehicles are one of the assets or capital goods essential for a company’s business operations to achieve its business goals.

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Therefore, it is necessary to manage vehicles effectively. However, managing vehicles is not only about scheduling their usage but also their maintenance and repairs.

For a company, any problem related to vehicles management could obstruct the efficiency of its business operations. In other words, a company must manage many areas that are not part of its core business.

Therefore, using a trusted car rental service for the company’s business operations is the right and useful solution. In addition to being efficient, convenient, and effective, using such a car rental service will help the company utilize its resources and funds effectively.

However, when choosing the right car rental company to meet the vehicle requirement, you must make sure of the credibility and track record of the rental agency. 

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TRAC’s Company Car Rental is the Solution

If you want to find a trusted fleet providers with excellent credibility, TRAC is your solution. Founded in 1986, TRAC is now ranked among the leaders in the transportation solution market, with thousands of vehicles being managed, from cars, motorcycles, to buses.

TRAC provides companies with various transportation solutions, one of which is an agreement-based car rental service with a minimum term of one year. With a network covering 50 cities in Indonesia, TRAC also offers many benefits with its services, such as a system that connected to the TRAC Fleet Management Solution, ensuring a safe and comfortable travel in a precise and real-time manner.

TRAC will also help customers analyze their transport usage based on the findings of regular reports, making it easier for customers to achieve cost efficiency. Customers can also plan their transportation costs for each division in the company.

In addition, TRAC is supported by a corporate reservation mobile app; enabling making car reservations online from anywhere. Employees who have had access can login and make an order themselves through the corporate app on their phone.

As a provider of safe and reliable car rental services, TRAC emphasizes professional attitudes when delivering services. TRAC’s experienced drivers are certified in Defensive Driving and, most importantly, have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

TRAC is also highly committed to helping our customers 24/7. Interested customers can contact its Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009 for help, information, or ordering. 

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