Here Is a Surefire Strategy to Adopt for Your Car Rental Business

Want to Create a Profitable Car Rental Business? Read On

Car rentals have grown to be an industry with enormous potential as more and more people participate in the economy and the numerous social events held by the community. Due to the popularity they enjoy in almost every city in Indonesia, car rental services have been very lucrative.

However, many people who started their businesses years ago have not had much success and even had to see them fail. One of the main causes is an ineffective or poorly implemented marketing strategy.

In fact, since everything is now digital, marketing activities should be simpler to carry out, especially with the help of online marketing channels and their offline counterparts.

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Do Your Research

Research is essential before you start putting your final approach into action. Research your competitors and your target market.

Choose the subject you want to look into. For example, you may want to start your research in the vicinity of your car rental business first. Then, you can see how many people typically require car rentals and how they may find your business.

You can conduct research using Google Trends or social media platforms. There, you can learn what qualities consumers value in a car rental service. After conducting this online research, you can perform additional offline research by asking your friends, family, and the staff at car rental companies.

Create a Well-Outlined Plan

When every step of your research is complete, decide where your business is going and who your target customers are. Afterward, create a detailed business plan that outlines each action you must take.

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Promote Your Services to Target Audiences

Your next task is to carry out promotion, whether it be online or offline, aimed at both individuals and enterprises. You can target companies in today’s fastest-growing sectors, such as food delivery and courier companies.

Keep the ball rolling by implementing fresh marketing techniques and innovative service packaging strategies to keep your target audiences engaged. Do not forget to hop onto social media platforms because social media will likely continue to be the most effective online marketing channel for many years to come.

Use a Fleet Management Solution (FMS)

Another way to improve your company’s competitiveness is to use a fleet management solution (FMS). This IT-based solution improves the effectiveness and efficiency of managing your vehicles.

This system makes it easier for you to manage your business, particularly because it gives you a way to keep an eye on how your vehicles are being used. You can obtain various statistics, such as information on your driver’s condition, vehicle operating costs, usage duration, routes taken, and your vehicle’s physical condition.

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of Astra Group, has recently launched Astra FMS, a new system for fleet management. This technology-driven fleet management solution can help you monitor your company’s fleet. Both passenger and commercial vehicles are supported.

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Several notable features of Astra FMS can help you improve your fleet’s efficiency and security. Backed by the on-board diagnostics (OBD) technology, Astra FMS can track your vehicle’s speed, temperature, and g-force. With this technology installed in the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU), it will record any anomalies in the vehicle and send the data to the Astra FMS command center for subsequent review by the customer.

The feature provides comprehensive, real-time information on the vehicle’s movements and keeps track of any risky action taken by the driver, such as speeding, abrupt braking and cornering, and choosing the wrong route. Additionally, it will also alert you if there is a risk of theft.

In addition to providing vehicle’s location information—a feature commonly found in GPS—Astra FMS also detects anomalies while the car is moving, such as frequent abrupt braking, speeding, unfastened seat belts, and drowsy driving, and sends an alert. For car rental companies, the performance of both the vehicle and the driver will significantly inform the driver’s reports.

In addition to enabling vehicle and driver monitoring, Astra FMS offers a scheduling feature for car maintenance. For instance, it can remind you when a vehicle needs service, its license needs to be renewed, or its warranty is about to expire.

All in all, Astra FMS assists you in comprehensive, data-based fleet management. These capabilities have benefited more than 2,000 fleets of passenger and commercial vehicles managed by companies in various sectors, including logistics and distribution, FMGC (fast-moving consumer goods), the automotive, mining, and financial sectors.

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Car Rental Company TRAC Has Adopted FMS

When it comes to FMS, you can learn from TRAC. The company is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), which is owned by Astra. This Indonesia’s largest car rental company has been serving customers for more than 30 years.

TRAC’s comprehensive services are a complete transportation solution for every customer’s needs, catering to individuals and business entities. Customers can choose to rent daily, or monthly and annually with a contract, and everything is assured to be safe and convenient.

As a solution to meet corporate transportation demands, TRAC also offers a car rental service with a professional and trained driver. For its drivers, TRAC carefully selects the best talent and provides them with thorough training and capacity building, including defensive driving techniques, taught by internationally-certified instructors.

TRAC’s drivers have received training to uphold the company’s standard of service, so they are all technically skilled as well as polite and well-groomed, providing customers with high-quality service at all times. On top of that, TRAC’s network of branches, which operates in 50 cities across Indonesia, makes its car rental services widely accessible. 

For more information on the services, please contact TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or visit