Unaffected by the Recession, the Used Cars Business Continues to Grow

Used Cars Business Transactions Continue To Improve

Despite the recession, automotive businesses, particularly used cars, continue to grow. Actors in the automotive industry anticipate consistently high demand for used cars in Southeast Asia and Indonesia during the global recession.

Based on the used car sales data, the number of transactions in the last seven years showed rather strong growth. The same applies to ASEAN regions—Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are four major markets for used cars.

This means even though the global recession threatens all business lines' growth, the growth projection for used cars remains positive for the next five years. This is especially true for the above mentioned four major markets.

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Used Cars Businesses Expand Their Activities to Retail Sector

Since the pandemic, many used car actors have begun to expand their activities to retail. According to the data from a major used car company, mobil88, there has been a nearly 10 percent increase in used car sales compared to that of the previous year.

An increase in fuel prices did not influence used car sales. Despite the more expensive fuel prices, consumers still need private cars for daily mobility.

This is why most used car companies remain optimistic that this sector will continue to grow, especially in Indonesia. 

PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) is among the major used car companies. It is a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk. SERA is widely known as a big company that provides transportation and logistics services.

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SERA's businesses in Indonesia extend to several segments. Such businesses include mobil88 in used cars sales, Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID) in used cars auctions, and TRAC in cars rental for individuals and corporations.

For 32 years, this Astra Group company has continuously created innovations to improve the quality of its services.

With its Astra Fleet Management Solution (AstraFMS), SERA provides businesses in Indonesia with IT-based comprehensive solutions for managing fleet vehicles. The service caters to fleet management needs: passenger and goods vehicles.

SERA also runs a logistics business unit called Serasi Logistik (SELOG). This business unit offers quick, accurate, and safe logistics services supported by technologies and competent human resources.

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