Turning Off Car AC When Going Uphill: Does It Increase Engine Power?

Is It Necessary to Turn Off AC as Your Car Goes Uphill? Check Out the Truth

Cars struggling to go uphill or inclines is a common issue many of us are familiar with. Some such cases can even lead to accidents and fatal consequences.

Car drivers, particularly those with older cars, often feel intimidated when driving on hilly terrain. Such a challenging situation affects the car’s driver and other road users behind the vehicle, who will feel anxious.

This led many drivers to find a way around this situation but without reasonable grounds. Despite repeated attempts, drivers may not yield positive results.

For instance, to this day, many car owners in Indonesia believe that the car’s difficulty in going uphill can be solved by turning off its cabin cooling system or AC.

They assume that reducing the operational load of the car’s AC will increase the engine’s performance and generate optimal power output.

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It will then be easier for the car to move up an incline. However, this assumption is not entirely accurate.

Turning Off AC When Car Goes Uphill is A Misconception

Turning off the car’s AC while driving can indeed affect the engine’s performance, because the compressor is connected to the engine through a belt. So when the AC is turned off, the engine’s load can decrease. Yet, this doesn’t automatically lead to a substantial boost in engine power.

There are several key considerations when driving uphill. These include the engine performance (especially in older vehicles) and the driver’s skills, particularly when driving in a quite congested uphill traffic. Passing through such traffic requires skillful driving.

Furthermore, proper maintenance is the key to preparing your car for uphill roads. Regular maintenance can preserve its performance even if it has reached its extended lifespan.

This aspect is crucial for car owners and those looking to buy used cars. Ensuring the car's condition, specifically the engine, and inspecting the exterior and interior is necessary.

Don’t be tempted by low prices that may cause problems later. If you don’t have the ability or knowledge to ensure your desired used car’s condition, buying used cars from a trustworthy showroom with a well-known reputation is advisable.

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