Benefits of Renting a Car for Your Business

A car for your business is important. You should consider the effectiveness and efficiency of using it to meet your company’s needs.

A detailed calculation shows that renting a car for business is more profitable than buying one.

5 Benefits of Renting a Car for Your Business

Cost Savings

First, a company can save money as it does not need to buy a limited-use car within a particular period based on its optimal life.

Zero Maintenance Fees

Second, a company need not spend much money on car maintenance. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that vehicle taxes and more are well taken care of and paid for.

Excellent Conditions

Third, your company can always rent an excellent car. A rental company regularly maintains and checks its cars.

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More Choices

Fourth, a car rental service provider allows a company to use the newest cars. Even the company can rent a particular car.

Renting a Car with a Driver

Fifth, you can often rent a car with a driver. Thus, your company does not need to recruit and pay a driver, as the provider is responsible for paying the driver.

However, to maximize the benefits of car rental services, you must ensure the provider guarantees them. Make sure that you get all the benefits.

Many rental companies provide the newest cars, but their conditions are not excellent. To make matters worse, their drivers are not professional and cause problems.

Choose a Car Rental Company Carefully

When it comes to a reputable and trustworthy car rental company, TRAC is the answer. This transport company is a business line of PT Serasi Autoraya, or SERA, a part of Astra Group.

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TRAC has provided car and bus rental services since 1990 and has several branches in some regions across Indonesia.

Its car rental services can meet your business and personal needs. TRAC provides corporate car rental services and daily and monthly rental services with or without drivers.

TRAC provides various services and fleets to satisfy your needs. It provides passenger cars, such as MPVs, SUVs, city cars, sedans, and premium cars for various needs. It also provides electric vehicles in Bali, Samosir (North Sumatra), and South Sumatra.

For your business, TRAC provides pick-ups, blind vans, and four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles often used in mining areas.

TRAC offers many benefits, such as flexible rental periods, 24/7 customer service, authorized workshop support during maintenance, and guaranteed replacement units. You can easily use the TRACtoGo app, which is available to download on the Play Store and App Store.