Easy Way to Join Scrap Auction at IBID

Industries are growing more rapidly along with cut-throat competition. Production must be high-paced and sustainable for companies to stay in business and earn profits. Therefore, production costs should be reduced to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

It’s not surprising that many companies or industries adopt strategies to reduce their production costs. When it comes to raw materials, they use materials left over from production, known as scrap. Scrap is generally a production leftover with reduced value and function, due to its incompleteness and no longer fit for production.

Scrap results from cutting, welding, lathing, or other processes, causing it to be irregularly shaped, have an irregular shape, be left unused, or be wasted.

Another drawback of scrap is its limited availability, but it is always in high demand, making it extremely valuable. No wonder its owners put it up at auction.

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About Scrap Auction at IBID

Almost all scrap is auctioned at closed auctions. In this format, all auction participants make closed bidding or offer to the auctioneer, causing them to be in the dark about each other’s bid. They can only predict the bid, particularly when joining the auction is difficult.

Therefore, PT Balai Lelang Serasi, through IBID auction house, allows you to join reliable closed auctions easily. Participants don’t need to buy an Auction Participant Number (NPL) based on their lot number by contacting or visiting IBID’s branch nearby. They can now do it online using their smartphones.

Scraps auctioned at IBID are used tires, iron, containers, and deconstructed parts of houses, buildings, and factories. Remember that participation in the IBID auction is only possible via its application.

It would help if you were extra careful as you don’t know where the scrap is. Meanwhile, the administration fee and NPL deposit are adjusted to the highest bid of a scrap auction.

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How to Join Scrap Auction at IBID

Follow these steps to join scrap auctions at IBID.

  • Go to the IBID application and register or sign in to your account or company’s.

  • Click the Scrap or Jadwal Lelang (Upcoming Auction) icon on the home page.

  • Choose the lot you want.

  • Pay attention to the information and description of each scrap. They inform you about the location, deposit for dismantling, and contact person.

  • Obtain your NPL deposit by choosing Scrap and clicking NPL Closed. Then, choose the location, schedule, lot, and amount of NPL you want to buy. Note that an NPL can only be used to buy one lot.

  • Pay close attention to the NPL purchase before making payment via a virtual account. When the payment is successful, you can participate in a Closed Auction.

Joining scrap auctions at IBID is easy, right?  You can only join the auction via the IBID application available on Google Play Store and App Store.

For further information, visit You can also go to Instagram (@ibid_balailelangserasi), Facebook (IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi), TikTok (@ibid_balailelangserasi), YouTube (IBID-Balai Lelang Serasi), and Twitter (@ibid_lelang).