Understanding LCL: A Key Term in Freight Shipping

What is LCL?

In logistics, we often come across the term LCL, which stands for Less than Container Load. This refers to the goods shipping in quantities smaller than the full capacity of a container.

LCL can be an effective solution for smaller-scale shipping that does not have enough goods to fill an entire container.

In other words, LCL can be an ideal option for companies or individuals to optimize shipping costs and improve efficiency in their operational processes.

LCL typically offers numerous advantages, especially for individuals or small businesses who want to ship ordered goods directly to consumers.

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LCL Advantages in Logistics

Efficient Cost

Sharing container space with other shippers will result in a more affordable cost. This method reduces unused space costs, making it an ideal solution for businesses without enough goods to fill an entire container.

Greater Flexibility

LCL is also more flexible in terms of shipping volume. Unlike with full container loads, where you have to utilize the entire container space, LCL provides high flexibility in the shipping process.

Therefore, it becomes a perfect solution for Micro, Small, and Medium-Scale (UMKM) entrepreneurs. It also offers flexible shipping for businesses with dynamic and fluctuating shipping volumes. Shippers can customize shipping as needed without worrying about exceeding container capacity.

Facilitating International Expansion

Through LCL, accessing global shipping services becomes more manageable. This gives an ideal solution for entrepreneurs to expand their businesses into international markets without facing high shipping costs.

Hassle-Free Shipping Experience

Most LCL service providers offer door-to-door shipping options, giving added convenience for the shipping.

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Challenges of LCL Shipping

Despite its advantages, LCL also comes with some challenges. Among them is the longer transit time, as collecting and consolidating goods from multiple shippers takes time.

However, the advantages gained are also more significant than the challenges faced. It also depends on the logistics service company that provides the LCL service.

With extensive experience in the industry, SELOG, a PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA business line and part of PT Astra International Tbk, is one of these logistics companies.

Initially established to provide vehicle rental solutions, SERA has become the largest, industry-leading transportation provider.

With over 32 years of experience, SERA continues to innovate and provide effective, efficient, and high-quality logistics services through SERA Logistics (SELOG).

SELOG is here to serve the customers’ needs in end-to-end logistics through diverse services, including Contract Logistics, Shipping Services, Shipping Agency, Freight Forwarding, Warehouse and Yard Management, and Courier Services.

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What are SELOG Services?

Shipping Services

We offer domestic cargo shipping services via quality sea transportation, focusing on the automotive, heavy equipment, and other cargo industries.

Shipping Agency

We collaborate with S5 Agency World, Asia’s largest shipping agency, to provide comprehensive shipping solutions.

Freight Forwarding

Our freight forwarding services ensure the safety, punctuality, and zero-defect transportation of heavy equipment and other cargo using various modes of transportation.

Warehouse and Yard Management

We provide warehousing and storage services for your supply chain needs, utilizing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) to continuously track receipts, picking, shipping, detention, damaged goods, and completed orders.

WMS allows customers to monitor real-time inventory status. We also provide additional inbound and outbound transportation services to ensure your goods arrive safely and without damage.

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Courier Services

It offers express delivery services for sending packages using the vehicle appropriate to your needs. There are several delivery services available, including same-day, next-day, and regular service.

Additionally, we provide the VPD (Valuable, Perishable, Dangerous Goods) service for document and package deliveries for goods that are too large and heavy to be shipped using regular cargo.

Driven by the latest digital technologies, SELOG Services not only bring greater convenience to your business but are also practical and efficient.

With its Astra Fleet Management Solution (FMS), SELOG provides businesses in Indonesia with IT-based comprehensive solutions for managing fleet vehicles.

This company also has a well-maintained fleet of vehicles and equipment. Thus, they are ready to use anytime. To learn more about SERA’s profile and its services, including SELOG, visit its official website at

For more detailed information, you can visit its official website at