The Most Convenient Cars to Support Business Trips

Many companies in Indonesia have their branches across numerous cities,  requiring them to use cars to travel between cities.

With the extensive distance between those intercity branches, it is necessary to have the right car to ensure a comfortable journey. 

Choosing the right car is also a key factor in ensuring that employees can focus on their jobs and that their stamina is not depleted after an exhausting journey. Furthermore, a car’s interior and entertainment features play an essential role in reducing travel fatigue and boredom.

So, what is the ideal car for intercity business trips? The answer may vary depending on the distance traveled, road surface conditions, number of passengers, gas station availability in a city, and many more.

The ideal car is not ‘one size fits all.’ A company’s diverse needs in its business trips call for an ideal solution: rent a car.

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Advantages of Car Rentals for Business Trips

Is renting a car indeed better than buying a company car for business trips? Several factors explain why renting a car is more cost-effective, especially when companies have to purchase different car types for periodic business trips.

Zero Technical Burdens

First, companies no longer need to handle technicalities such as car service, spare parts replacement, accident-related repairs, and even annual tax matters. All these technicalities are the rental car provider’s responsibility. That way, the companies can focus on their core business.


Second, car renting reduces a company’s operational costs because they don’t have to worry about car maintenance fees, spare parts replacement, accident-related repairs, and Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) extension. All they need is a budget amounting to the agreed rental value on the contract.

Freedom to Choose the Car that Suits Your Needs

Third, companies can also freely and flexibly choose the car brand and type that suits their needs without considering the technicalities and car price depreciation. They can also save significantly on their vehicle procurement budget.

More Effective and Efficient

Finally, renting a car increases the work efficiency and effectiveness of the employees and their related units/divisions because they are not burdened with managing internal assets. As such, they can concentrate more on their primary tasks.

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It can be concluded that renting a car for business trips is a more efficient and more cost-effective choice than buying a new car.

In addition, the prices offered nowadays are very competitive and friendly, so companies can save more in fulfilling their transportation needs.

Rent Car at TRAC for Business Trips

From small-scale car rentals to rental companies with a comprehensive management system, there are lots of car rental companies to choose from.

Keep in mind that the rental company’s management will strongly affect their service quality, car maintenance and variants, and support for emergencies.

You need to choose a trusted rental company with a good reputation and great experience in their field. TRAC, a part of the Astra family, is one of those companies.

TRAC has over 37 years of experience and is a pioneer in providing rental services, specifically car rentals. TRAC provides various cars, from city cars to premium MPVs and SUVs.

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Available hatchback/sedan cars include the Daihatsu Ayla, Toyota Corolla Altis, the BMW S5 Series, and even the electric car, the Toyota Prius.

If you need MPVs, you can choose from Toyota Calya, Daihatsu Gran Max, Toyota Innova Zenix, and Toyota Alphard/Vellfire. As for SUVs, you can choose from Daihatsu Terios, BMW X6, Lexus RX300, and Toyota Land Cruiser.

Furthermore, TRAC always provides the newest and well-maintained cars. TRAC services are all-in-one solutions that include 24/7 customer support.

With TRAC, you can rent a car with a driver or without. Booking is also made easy using the reservation page on TRAC’s website or the TRACtoGo application that’s available to download on the Play Store and App Store.

For more information about the services offered, go to its official website and follow TRAC on Instagram @trac_astra, Facebook TRAC-Astra Rent a Car, or Twitter @TRACastra.