Tips to Choose Car Rental for Business Purpose

Car Rental, the Operational Vehicle Solution for Corporates

Renting cars for a company’s operational purpose is now considered more profitable than using its own cars. This is because renting cars cost the company much lower than the budget for its periodical needs, repair and maintenance costs, operational costs, and employee salaries.

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In addition, renting cars is proven to be more profitable because the company can adjust the rental period to its needs. The company can also choose the vehicle type based on its operational needs.

Moreover, many vehicles rental companies offer various rental plans at competitive prices. However, several things must be considered before renting vehicles for a corporate’s operational purposes.

4 Tips to Choose the Right Car Rental Company

1. Choose a trusted car rental company

A trusted company doesn’t always mean a big one with a far-reaching network and reputation.

For car rental companies, ‘trusted’ should also mean that the offered vehicles are reliable regarding safety and comfort. Its vehicle units and types are new ones.

On top of that, the company guarantees to provide a substitute vehicle to the rented one should a problem happen to it and an emergency service.

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2. Choose the car that suits your needs

This option is very important. Numerous companies rent operational vehicles, but the fleets don’t meet their needs and become wasteful.

3. Make a comparison

Before deciding to rent a vehicle from a vehicle rental company, make a comparison to other vehicle rental companies.

Start from observing their prices or rates, types of services, the offered services, and the company’s credibility, to previous clients’ testimonies.

4. Choose the right plan

Check if the vehicle rental plan includes a driver from the company or not. Afterward, compare the prices between with-driver and without-driver plans.

Car rental companies usually offer those plans. Thus, the potential client corporate can compare the rates of those plans from other car rental companies.

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TRAC’s Company Car RentalService

If you’re looking for a trusted car rental service company with high credibility and complete quality services, TRAC is the answer. This transportation company, owned by PT Serasi Autoraya and part of Astra Group, provides vehicle rental service with various options. It provides car and bus rentals.

In addition, TRAC offers transport solution services and excellent rent cars. It provides well-maintained and new cars with modern features to make your trip comfortable and safe.

TRAC drivers are known to be professional and well-experienced. The drivers don’t only have safe driving skills and ability, but also ethical standards to serve the customers with respect. They also apply the health guidelines well.

TRAC offers all-around services, including 24hr customer service. Various rental periods are available, starting from 4, 12, to 24 hours, with various car options such as sedan, city car, MPV, or SUV.

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With its 34 years of experience in car rental service, TRAC also offers a convenient rental process. Not only available in several big cities in Indonesia, TRAC service is also accessible via digital platform.

To enjoy the convenient TRAC services, you can rent a vehicle via the TRACtoGo app, which is available in Google Playstore and Apple Appstore.

One of the provided convenient services is the various payment method. You can make payment via Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA, Permata bank accounts or Visa and Mastercard credit cards, as well as digital wallets such as Link Aja, OVO, Dana, Gopay, Shopee Pay, and Astrapay).

To learn more about the services from TRAC, please visit the official website You can also reach out to Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email