Winning Multiple Car Auctions with NPL Unlimited

To bid in an auction at IBID - Balai Lelang Serasi, you need to complete two steps: register for a personal/corporate accountant purchase a deposit for Auction Participant Number (NPL). The NPL serves as a sign of participation in the auction.

IBID offers three types of NPLs: NPL Live, NPL Timed, and NPL Unlimited. Unlike NPL Live and Timed, NPL Unlimited allows you to win auctions multiple times! How’s that possible?

What is NPL Unlimited

NPL Unlimited was launched in September 2021 to facilitate used car transactions at the IBID auction house. You need to purchase an NPL to bid in a car auction, which costs IDR 5 million.

In contrast with other NPL types, which typically assign 1 NPL per auction item or lot number within a single auction schedule, NPL Unlimited allows you to secure up to 5 used cars in a single auction.

So, what are the requirements to be eligible for NPL Unlimited? What are the terms and conditions for purchasing NPL Unlimited? Here’s a breakdown.

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Note that NPL Unlimited is designed explicitly for IBID Gold Membership holders who have completed the payment for 25 auction cars that are won and Platinum Membership holders who have won 100 cars.

If you hold a Gold or Platinum Membership, you can purchase NPL Unlimited through the IBID website or app using a virtual account.

To purchase it, you must depositRp 20 million. This one-time payment enables you to participate in car auctions conducted at the IBID branches nationwide.

NPL Unlimited Terms and Conditions

Technically, NPL Unlimited functions similarly to other NPLs, serving as a reduction for winning used cars. When an NPL holder loses in an auction, their deposited money will be refunded to their registered account within 3 days after the auction ends.

You must provide your personal information in the profile settings to purchase an NPL Unlimited. Then, you must comply with the following terms and conditions.

  • First, place a deposit of Rp 20 millionthat will allow you to win up to 5 cars per auction.

  • Second, each IBID account can only purchase 1 NPL Unlimited paid through BCA or Mandiri virtual accounts. 

  • Third, an NPL Unlimited is valid 6 months from the purchase date and can be terminated after expiration. Approaching the expiration date, IBID will send a notification to the registered email of the NPL Unlimited holder.

You can request a termination after the 6-month expiration period by clicking a link provided by IBID in the email notification. You will be deemed to extend the NPL Unlimited program if you don’t request termination.

  • Fourth, if you win a car using NPL Unlimited, you must make full payment within 5 working days after the auction ends.

  • A winner who fails to pay for the car within the specified period will be considered in default and will be charged a penalty of Rp 5 million per car, and his/her NPL Unlimited will be deactivated until the penalty is paid.

  • Fifth, the maximum number of defaulted cars is 4 units within 1 week. If the winner fails to pay the penalty for more than 4 cars, his/her NPL Unlimited program and the IBID account will be deactivated. To reactivate the IBID account, the defaulter must pay the penalty and follow IBID procedures.

  • Sixth, if you are suspected of fraudulent activities, you will be legally prosecuted according to the applicable laws and regulations.

This are some information about NPL Unlimited as one of the methods to win multiple used car auctions.

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IBID is Beyond Used Car Auctions

Not only used cars, but a variety of non-automotive products are also up for auction at IBID. They include computers, laptops, printers, chairs, and office desks.

So, if you want to sell office equipment in large quantities at once, auctions can be the right and easy choice.

IBID auctions also sell leftover products or scraps,such as shipping containers, leftover production metals and raw materials, or unused production tools.

Other non-automotive items include gadgets and collectibles/accessories. Gadgets can range from PCs, game consoles, and drones to mobile phones and tablets.

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Accessories and collectibles can vary from high market value items such as musical instruments, paintings, toys, bags, and imported goods unavailable in Indonesia.

IBID has good experience and reputation as an auction organizer since its establishment in 2007. Within the automotive industry, IBID has sold 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles at its auctions and held more than 500 auction events annually until the end of 2016.

IBID organizes auctions weekly in its 10 office branches across Indonesia. IBID’s auctions are also held in more than 30 cities in Indonesia.

Follow IBID on Instagram @ibid_balailelangserasior website to stay up-to-date on its latest auctions. You can also download the IBID app from the Google Play Store andApple App Store.