Should I Rent a Car With or Without Driver? Here Are the Answers

The Lebaran holiday season is a great time for many to unwind by going on a trip to exciting tourist destinations. While people will usually travel in their own cars, there are many who choose to rent a car instead.

Renting a car has a couple of advantages over using public transportation as it offers greater convenience and flexibility along the way. For people who choose to rent a car, they can decide when and where to stop for a rest as they wish or as needed.

This increased flexibility also includes the chauffeur options offered by a rental car. You get to choose between renting a car with an assigned driver or driving the car yourself.

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Self-Drive Rental and Chauffeured Service: the Perks

Either option has its own advantages over the other, and it all comes down to your needs and preference. With self-drive, you have more freedom and do not have to worry when you want to talk about personal matters along the way.

However, if you are not familiar with the routes and the road conditions on the way to your destination, the risk of self-drive might outweigh its benefits instead. In consequence, you have to ask the locals or resort to using a navigation app on your phone.

And since you are not familiar with the routes, there is also a good chance that you will get lost or drive past your destination. The result is a waste of time, and if it turns out that you drive an uncomfortable car, you will be tormented. Worse still, your car breaks down. What is more, you waste energy and fuel. All of these unfortunate circumstances will lead to more money getting spent.

In such a condition, you are left with one option: renting a car with a driver. However, many still hesitant to take this option.

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It is not about the more expensive cost (you have to pay for the driver service), but because they are not comfortable with a driver whom they know nothing about. This will be especially true if the driver is rude.

Choose a Trusted Rental Company

You can rest assured that all of these bad things will not happen if you choose the right car rental company. One of trustworthy car rental companies is TRAC.

Not only does the company always work to ensure the prime condition of its cars, it also implements SMART health protocol at all times. That is why TRAC’s cars are always cleaned and disinfected between uses. The drivers have also been vaccinated and health-screened.

Various Rental Options at TRAC

In addition to cars, TRAC offers various bus options for those who want to go on mudik with their family or group. Also cleaned up and disinfected between uses, TRAC’s buses are ensured to comply with the company’s SMART health protocol.

TRAC’s bus drivers have been health-screened and vaccinated as well. With all of these benefits, you may go to your hometown in comfort, whether you rent a car or take a bus.

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TRAC’s Guaranteed Safety and Comfort

TRAC ensures your safety when traveling by providing a travel insurance which includes a life benefit and coverage for the third party. The insurance applies to both self-drive and chauffeur packages. Should the vehicle is damaged in an accident, you will not be charged for the repair or the replacement. The insurance will also cover replacement costs for missing cars and damaged goods.

To provide you with more convenient traveling experience, even with the pandemic expected to be over soon, TRAC is committed to implementing health guidelines and ensuring safety during your trip by following its SMART protocol, which requires the company to:

  1. disinfect all of its vehicles between uses;

  2. provide hand sanitizer in all of its booked vehicles;

  3. for every division that is responsible for transporting customers, practice social distancing;

  4. provide in-vehicle partitions that separate driver from passengers;

  5. have drivers undergo health screening before duty;

  6. require drivers to wear masks and gloves; and

  7. require drivers to make no physical contact with customers.

TRAC provides car rental solutions that are not only great for short-distance travels, but also for longer-distance intercity trips. With services covering various cities, TRAC offers car rental solutions that you can always rely on to keep you mobile.

Rent a car now from your phone using TRACtoGo app, which you can download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You will find many great deals and offers there.