Thinking of Going on a Year-End Vacation?

Rent a Car for Worry-free Vacation

As we are inching toward the end of the year, many of us must be planning for a vacation. Have you a spot for a year-end vacation with family? If the spot is reachable by a car, you can opt for a car rental service.

Why should you use a car rental service for a family vacation? Renting a car can make your journey of exploring vacation destinations more enjoyable.

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It provides convenience since you can leave and return whenever you want. You can also go or detour anywhere according to your vacation plans. Such flexibility will make your vacation hassle-free.

Convenience is better when you choose a car rental with driver service. With this, you can save a lot of energy during the journey.

As we know, during peak holiday seasons, such as the end of the year, tourist destinations have more visitors. Therefore, using such a rental service will help you avoid wasting energy traveling to your destinations due to traffic jams. Another reason is that you can avoid the hassle of looking for a parking spot with the service.

Choose a Reliable Car Rental Company

However, make sure you do not pick the wrong car rental company. You surely do not want your family vacation ruined due to your mistake of choosing a non-reputable car rental company.

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TRAC is among the reliable rental companies that offer car rental with or without driver service. This service will give you the freedom to arrange your travel and ensure your vacation is safer and more enjoyable.

This vehicle rental provider is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya under Astra Group International. TRAC has over 30 years of experience in providing vehicle rental solutions. You can rent cars for days, weeks, months, and even years.

In serving its consumers, TRAC also provides highly experienced drivers who have received Defensive Driving training. Besides having the experience and certification, the drivers are also equipped with service ethical standards for customers.

TRAC also applies strict protocols for anyone who wishes to use its services. In any business activity, TRAC implements its protocol called SMART, which stands for Sanitize, Wear a Mask, and Ready to Go.

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Sanitize means sanitizing cars with disinfectants between uses, while Wear a Mask requires both drivers and customers to wear a mask. When these two steps are completed, TRAC will be Ready to Go to serve its customers.

TRAC now offers more flexibility in rental service bookings. With TRACtoGo, acquiring a TRAC's service is now easier than ever. Make your vacation more pleasant by ordering a service via this app. Apart from passenger cars, the TRACtoGo application also provides rental buses and airport transfers. Download TRACtoGo on Play Store and App Store.

For more information about TRAC services, don't hesitate to get in touch with the Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to Or, visit the official TRAC website