This Year’s Logistics Sector Expected to Grow by 20% Compared to Last Year

2023 to Become a Good Year for Indonesia’s Logistics Sector

Indonesia’s logistics sector is predicted to grow amid the looming global recession. The national consumption and the manufacturing industry, which operates on local resources and is oriented to local markets, drive growth in the logistics sector.

In fact, many experts and agencies predict that in 2023 the logistics sector will grow by 20% compared to 2022. Household consumption – from basic needs such as food and clothing to secondary needs such as modes of transportation – is predicted to keep growing.

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With a population of more than 270 million people, the production of goods for household consumption in Indonesia remains relatively high. The raw materials for the products, especially food, can be obtained from local resources.

Thus, even though the recession disrupts import activities, it won’t significantly impact the logistics sector.

Factors Affecting the Increasing Demand for Consumer Products

In addition, 2023 comes before 2024, the year of political significance when the regional and central legislative elections and the presidential election will be held. Like the previous occasions, national consumption will soar the year before the elections.

Therefore, 2023 is both an opportunity and a challenge for the business actors in the consumer goods sector. The biggest challenge is keeping production up and running while optimizing the costs and increasing the volumes.

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Maintaining the stability and continuity of raw material supply and delivery is essential for overcoming the challenge. In other words, logistics continuity is a must to ensure smooth supply chains.

Considering this situation, you should choose a trusted and highly reputable logistics company to support your company’s supply chains. 

With extensive experience in the industry, PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of PT Astra International Tbk, is one of these logistics companies.

SERA is renowned as one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in Indonesia.

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Since the day it was founded, SERA has continued to evolve. First established to provide vehicle rental solutions, it has become the largest, industry-leading transportation provider.

Today SERA has many business units, including TRAC with its car and bus rental solutions, mobil88 with its popular used car trade-ins, SERA Logistics (SELOG) with its good transportation and logistics services, and IBID as an auction organizer.

SERA also offers comprehensive transportation solutions supported by a state-of-the-art IT system called Astra Fleet Management Solution (FMS). Therefore, the transportation process can be managed more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Astra FMS has proven to be effective in SERA’s business units. With Astra FMS, customers can use many features to manage their transportation.

The customers can monitor vehicles in real-time, minimize downtime, analyze the driver’s performance, and reduce vehicle operating costs.

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