Self-Drive Rental Has a Lot Going for It

Here Is Where Renting a Car and Driving It Yourself Fares Better

For whatever need, more and more families choose to rent a car instead of owning one, or even using their own car. On top of the greater convenience and the cost efficiency it has to offer, renting a car has now become easier than ever.

It is particularly useful when you cannot get your car up and running in time but you need to go immediately somewhere. You do not have to make time to have the oil changed or the whole car checked at a repair shop.

A car rental company will usually offer two choices:  you can rent a car with a driver, or you can rent a car and drive it yourself.

Each option has its own advantages. The self-drive one will of course, among others, give you greater freedom in using the car to suit your needs.

Self-drive rental is also chosen for offering greater privacy during family trips. Without a stranger sitting among you, there is no need to feel awkward as you go and talk about personal matters with your closest ones.

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Also, by opting for self-drive car rental, you will have more freedom to stop or pause your trip wherever you want to. For instance, when you are going out of town and start to feel tired, you are free to decide where to take a break and recharge.

Besides, some people feel more comfortable driving the car themselves than being a passenger.

Another typical reason to choose a self-drive service from a car rental is that you do not have to shell out extra cash for the driver service. That way, you can cut costs and use the money to get some extra fuel or anything else you might need.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Self-Drive Car Rental Service

That said, there is some homework you need to do before going with the self-drive option.

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First, do some research on the pricing and make yourself aware of the rules for renting a car and driving it yourself.

Second, examine the condition of the car you are going to rent. It is recommended that you go beyond the looks; don’t just check the exterior and the interior—check over the engine and any feature the car has.

Examine the braking, AC, audio systems, and other functionalities as well. Make sure you can operate each feature well and that they are fully functional.

You’d also want to inquire about the car’s service history and make a note of when the car was last serviced. Last but not least, do check that the company has insured the car so things won’t get complicated for you should you end up in an emergency situation.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Reliable Rental Solution?

Choosing a self-drive car rental service should not be a shot in the dark.  You should factor in the experience and the reputation of the rental provider before deciding on one. This is exactly what TRAC can offer as an Astra Group company that has been trusted by many.

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With 30-year experience in the industry, the company makes sure that every driver assigned to its fleet of vehicles, including buses, is both trained and experienced  so you can expect higher levels of convenience and safety when you choose to rent a car with a driver from TRAC.

Being a long-established company in the industry, TRAC has also developed a way to make it easier for everyone to book a rental vehicle. With the TRACtoGo app, you can rent a car hassle-free.

TRAC is also committed to keeping you safe and healthy in any trips you make with the company through consistent implementation of the COVID-19 protective measures in all of its services. With TRAC, you can stay safe while staying mobile.

Here is how the company strives to fulfill this commitment when renting out their vehicles to you:

  • by washing and disinfecting the vehicles between uses;

  • by ensuring hygiene in every business operation by following the government’s Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS) recommendation; and

  • by ensuring safe physical distance in transit according to the applicable regulations.

And, it is now easier than ever to use TRAC’s services. Just open the TRACtoGo app, which you can download from the Play Store or the App Store. You can also book a service through the Customer Assistance Center by dialing 1500009 or sending an email to

To learn more about various rental services from TRAC, visit its official website at