This Is Why Your Battery Fluid Drained Rapidly

Do Check the Car Battery Before Buying a Used Car

The first and foremost thing to check before buying a used car is the car battery. This part’s primary function is to supply electricity to various car components.

Without a car battery, many electrical components would not work properly. Even a minor issue on the car battery would affect the other components.

The most used car batteries are wet-cell batteries. This type of lead-acid battery uses electrolyte liquid to generate the electric current and should be monitored regularly to prevent the cells from drying out.

The most common issue with wet-cell batteries is rapidly drained fluid. When the battery fluid is drained, battery components, such as the cell, are quickly damaged, and the components cannot work properly or even function.

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Why the Battery Fluid Quickly Depletes

Rarely Checked Component

In most cases, the car battery fluid depletes quickly because car owners rarely check the component. Many reckless car owners are too late to fill the fluid since they never check the battery’s condition.

Too Large Power Load

The power load required for various components has exceeded the limit of the car battery supply. It often happens when there is a modification on car parts that requires more electric current supply.

As a result, overcharging occurs. The battery fluid then evaporates as the temperature quickly heats up. Eventually, the car battery would develop problems or break.

Therefore, if you want to buy a used car, a thorough inspection of the car’s battery condition is essential.

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Even though lithium-ion (dry) batteries are now widely used, many car manufacturers still make their products with wet-cell batteries. It is especially important to pay attention to the battery type if the used car you want to purchase is older than five years.

A thorough inspection of car batteries indeed requires good observation and skills, even particular knowledge. Also, battery issues cannot be found solely through visual observation.

A damaged car battery may appear to be in good condition with a normal volume of fluid and no signs of issues. In fact, the battery has experienced a major decline in quality.

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