Unusual Products You Can Find at Auctions

Recently, the public has opted for auctions to purchase things. One reason is the fair and transparent pricing based on the products’ condition.

Apart from that, the process has been more convenient than ever. This is especially true since there are auction houses that launch a special application that can easily be downloaded by participants to register, make a bid, and make an offer swiftly and easily.

Not Only Vehicles, Auctions Offer a Lot More Items

Today, many people join auctions to get one specific item. This item may seem of little value to some and highly valuable to others.

Such an item includes rare edition motor vehicles, bikes, replica cars, buildings, paintings, and books handwritten by someone important.  You can also find thousands of years old household tools such as knives and kitchen utensils.

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Interestingly, those who join that type of auction also come from unusual backgrounds. Most of them even become regulars of rare item auctions.

They are collectors, billionaires, or people who intentionally hunt for such items and use them as investments. Not only coming from Indonesia, these rare items enthusiasts also come from other countries worldwide.

They are willing to spend much money to get the items they want. Additionally, they are willing to travel far to get to the auction houses.

Choose a Trusted Auction House

That aside, one thing to remember is that one must possess knowledge of the rare items auctioned. One must know their history, material quality, and their quantity worldwide.

Carefulness and meticulous attention to detail are the basic skills you must have before going into rare item auctions. These are absolutely necessary since there are people seeking more profits through fraudulent rare auction items.

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That is why you must also ensure an auction house’s credibility and track record. Usually, experts and curators are also involved to ensure the originality and quality of any items sold in the auction house.

In Indonesia, an auction house under the brand name IBID managed by PT Balai Lelang is a reputable and credible auction house. Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID) is a subsidiary of PT Serasi AutoRaya (SERA) under Astra Group.

Since 2007, IBID has auctioned many items, especially motor vehicles. IBID constantly strives for innovation and improvement, from service delivery and the auction process to the lots sold at its auction. In addition, its auction process is fairly easy.

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IBID, under Astra Group, has sold 27,000 four-wheeled vehicles at auction and held more than 500 auction events every year until the end of 2016.

IBID hosts weekly auctions at its 10 branch offices across Indonesia. In addition, IBID has also held auctions in more than 30 cities in Indonesia.

Now IBID auction houses are available online and offer various benefits. Interested in joining an auction at IBID? Download the IBID app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store or visit