This is What Makes a Good Logistics Warehouse

A Logistics Warehouse is an Important Part of Goods Storage

In logistics, which includes moving and distributing goods from where they are manufactured to foreign or local markets and consumers, goods storing activities are essential and critical.

This is increasingly true when, due to various factors, goods cannot be shipped as scheduled.

It is therefore really important to plan out how these goods are going to be stored temporarily somewhere. A proper and standard-compliant place is thus required; we usually call this a warehouse.

In the right warehouse, you are not only preserving the integrity of your goods but also preventing the risk of loss. When you ship a damaged item to a customer, it will likely get refused.

That scenario is another reason why it is important to pick an adequate warehouse. What makes a good warehouse includes its compliance with the generally accepted minimum standard.

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Five Telltale Signs of a Good Logistics Warehouse

An Established and Clear SOP

The standard operating procedure (SOP) defines how things are done in the warehouse. It includes the warehouse’s operational guidelines, business rules, and daily task instructions. Usually, it will also define how the warehouse workers should handle the goods stored.

Satisfactory Conditions

As a place of storage for preserving goods, a warehouse should have adequate storage conditions. In other words, it should provide ample space for storing as many goods as possible.

Good Lighting

A good warehouse means a good lighting system. This makes it easier to find items stored inside. The warehouse should have good ventilation to prevent excessive humidity and can, therefore, provide extended time and safe conditions for storage.

Specialized Sections

These specialized sections are designated storage spaces for goods requiring special treatment in terms of the sections’ area, storage temperatures, or certain protection measures for the goods, especially for flammable and fragile items or items requiring similar special treatment.

A Management System

This system plays an important role as it allows the items stored in the warehouse to be monitored round the clock regarding their quality and quantity. Thanks to the system, you, as the items’ owner, can have greater peace of mind knowing they are kept safely.

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All these perks are yours with warehousing solutions from SELOG (Serasi Logistics Indonesia), a company owned by PT Serasi Autoraya(SERA). Every SELOG warehouse complies with the required standard for warehouse quality, providing solutions to any business needs.

Being one of the companies under PT Astra Internasional Tbk, SELOG has been widely known as one the biggest transportation and logistics service providers in Indonesia.

With more than 32 years of experience and relentless innovation behind it, SERA provides excellent, effective, and efficient logistics services through SELOG.

SELOG caters to your need of end-to-end logistics services with a variety of solutions it has to offer, encompassing contract logistics, shipping services, shipping agency services, warehousing for freight forwarding, yard management, and courier services.

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Driven by the latest digital technologies, besides bringing greater convenience, they are also effective and efficient solutions for your business. Tapping into the power of Astra Fleet Management Solution (Astra FMS), SELOG is able to provide customers in Indonesia with IT-backed, all-in-one solutions for vehicle management.

The company also maintains a fleet of fully-equipped vehicles always kept in good condition, meaning there is virtually no downtime for business. In short, the company has swift, effective, and safe warehousing, shipping, and distribution solutions for your goods.

To learn more about SERA and all the services it offers, including SELOG, head to the company’s official website: