Toyota Agya: An Agile Car for Daily Mobility

As social life returns to normal following a period of tribulation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people get increasingly mobile. This is evident from the growing traffic on the road.

Many people today must be highly mobile for work purposes, raising the need for a speedy transportation system.

Unfortunately, high mobility introduces a high possibility of severe traffic jams. This means people use more fossil fuel when they get stuck in traffic jams.

So, choosing the right car is vital. The right car means a highly practical one for transporting people and goods. It offers a spacious cabin and trunk.

It can also easily maneuver through traffic and glide through the typically narrow alternative streets.

Furthermore, it is fuel-efficient. Lastly and most importantly, it is reliable and versatile as it is used daily and sometimes for a long drive.

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Toyota Agya Specifications 

If looked closer, Toyota Agya meets all these criteria. Equipped with a 1.2 L NR machine with 3.660 (mm) in length, 1.600 mm in width, and 1.520 mm in height, this car is the compact and agile type.

The car has an 88 HP engine with 11.04 kg-m maximum torque. It can transport up to four people and has a fairly large trunk. It is fuel-efficient.

It is also reliable and versatile. Lastly, it offers decent entertainment features such as USB ports, Aux, Bluetooth connectivity, and a user-friendly touchscreen.

This Toyota city car also has several security features. This is the car for your daily mobility.

You can find this easily at any dealership for an alternative car for daily mobility. It is also available in a used car dealership if you want to buy a used car at a competitive price.

That said, buying a used car poses risks. That is why you must thoroughly check the car’s condition.

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