Tips for Choosing a Coach Bus for School Trips

The end-of-year holidays for students are just around the corner. After one year of laborious learning, they deserve their R and R with recreational trips to exciting places.

However, most schools would agree that these rejuvenating activities should serve two things. First, they should be an enjoyment for the students to unwind after one year of intense academic activities.

Second, while these trips are recreational, they should also be educational. That is why, for these school trips, pick attractions that can broaden their horizons, including those that can cultivate their interest in protecting the planet.

With these two in mind, schools will want to fill this period of relaxation with activities that can leave cherishable memories in their students, from arranging a smooth trip to ensuring the safe return of the students.

To achieve that, you must ensure a sense of friendship, togetherness, and joy, which youth always craves. Comfort and safety are no less important aspects that should be there, too.

It will all be possible with a safe, cozy, and practical vehicle large enough to accommodate everyone. And that’s what a coach is.

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This tour bus provides a space for trip participants to interact comfortably with one another. You can be assured that the bond and the joy will always be there all the way to the destination.

An atmosphere like this is perfect for driving away boredom, dullness, and even mental and physical tiredness. Moreover, your trip participants can focus on enjoying every bit of the trip and achieve what they want: refreshments.

Bear in mind that a safe and comfortable coach goes a long way toward achieving all of these. When it comes to a coach bus, it goes beyond how well the engine’s condition and all the safety features are. You also need to pay attention to the comforts it can provide.

5 Tips for Choosing a Bus for School Trips During the Holidays 

There are several things you should do before renting a charter bus. First, choose a reputable rental service provider trusted by many for its excellent service and vehicles.

Second, check for the bus’s safety and comfort. Observe its performance when it moves and when the brake is engaged.

Check for broken windows and missing parts in the safety belts. Ensure the AC, entertainment system, seat adjustment mechanisms, etc., work well.

Third, after knowing how good of a bus the company can give you, choose the one you will rent by considering the seating capacity. Make sure that the capacity of your choice matches the number and the grouping of the participants.

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Fourth, ensure the driver assigned to your chartered bus has the required skills and experience. You can ask the company for proof of the driver’s qualifications.

Fifth, avoid being lured by bargain prices. Remember that safety and comfort always come before good deals and cheap travel expenses. Your cost-saving measure will come to no avail when you end up getting involved in an accident because of it.

Rent a Bus from TRAC for This Holiday’s School Trip

If you’re looking for a trustworthy coach bus rental service with various options for safety and comfort, TRAC is the answer. A subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya, this Astra Group company’s got your back with well-maintained, road-ready rental buses. You can even opt for the latest bus models.

You can choose from a wide-ranging selection of buses at TRAC, giving you the most suitable option for your needs. It starts with luxury buses, which feature 11 seats, LCD screens, earphones, massaging seats, a meeting room, a kitchen unit, a DVD player, Wi-Fi, an LCD TV, power outlets, AC, a sound system, and a bathroom.

Meanwhile, the small bus offerings come with a 13-seat, 15-seat, or 16-seat configuration. They are also equipped with AC, an LCD TV, a DVD player, a sound system, and power outlets.

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Next are medium buses, available in 18-seat, 23-seat, 29-seat, 31-seat, and 35-seat configurations. They also feature numerous amenities, such as AC, LCD TVs, a DVD player, a sound system, power outlets, dedicated storage compartments, and Wi-Fi (with the complete set of features available in some units only).

The last on the list is big buses, which come in 59, 48, 45, or 40 seating capacity. Like the others, AC, LCD TVs, a DVD player, a sound system, power outlets, dedicated storage compartments, and Wi-Fi are also available here (with the complete features available in some units only).

On top of 37 years of experience in vehicle rental solutions, TRAC’s network of services is available in Indonesia’s major cities. For easier booking, you can use the TRACtoGo app, which you can get from the Play Store or the App Store.

You can also head directly to the reservation page at For more information, dial the Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to