5 Tips to Negotiate Your Expected Salary in a Job Offer

Salary negotiation is one of the most exciting times for job seekers during the recruitment process. This step may show that the company has grown interested in you and wants you to join them soon.

Besides that, negotiating your expected salary is crucial as it will determine your employee benefits once you get accepted. For that reason, it’s better to prepare answers about your expected salary with careful consideration.

You will also need to act properly to create a good impression. Avoid being too calm and too aggressive. Check out these tips to guide you in achieving a win-win salary negotiation that meets your expectations.

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1. Do Extensive Research

Before discussing the expected salary, it’s best to research the average rate for your desired position. Try to approach professionals in the industry, review employment-focused platforms on the internet to know the average salary, and consult the HR team to learn the bigger picture of your position.

2. Convince Them with Your Skills

Achieving the expected salary in negotiation requires solid reasoning. Therefore, you need to explain your value to the company. The description will strengthen your argument that the desired salary will be proportionate to your contribution.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate

It’s pivotal to be assertive when negotiating salary. Do not hesitate to negotiate your expected salary even though HR has already pulled their desired numbers. Tell them you want this negotiation to satisfy both the candidate’s expectations and the company’s budget.

4. Provide the Pay Range

Instead of giving exact numbers, you can provide a realistic salary range. This flexibility will imply that you are willing to cooperate. For instance, you can negotiate by saying, “I am expecting a salary range between X and Y, depending on the whole compensation package.”

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5. Consider the Compensation Package

In addition to base salary, consider the other components of a compensation package, such as bonuses, health insurance, or career development opportunities. Those varied topics on employee benefits will make the discussion more dynamic.

Make yourself sound more objective by being willing to evaluate and discuss your yearly performance and the possibility of a salary increase. Moreover, convince them you have long-term goals, are ready to accomplish the company’s tasks, and will show your capabilities.

Note that salary negotiation is not only about proposing numbers. On top of that, it exercises your negotiation skills to achieve the best result.

Make yourself well-prepared to show that you are a part of professionals who know how to value themselves in the job market.

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