Car Care Tips for the Rainy Season

The rainy season in Indonesia, especially before the end of the year, often troubles car owners. The heavy rainfall sweeping across the country taints your car’s beauty. It doesn’t only spoil the car’s look but may also be detrimental to the integrity of its paint.

Why? Because acids in rainwater can eat away at your car’s paint. When the paint gets exposed to rain, a chemical reaction occurs between the acids and impurities in the rainwater and the chemicals in the paint. The reaction produces another chemical compound where mold can grow, removing the luster from the paint.

It only gets worse when you fail to wipe any rainwater off your car’s body. If left dry, rainwater can give rise to more intense chemical reactions, which potentially cause more severe damage, leaving behind the likes of corrosion on your car’s body panels.

Without proper care, corroded body panels can lose their structural integrity, costing you a lot of money for reparation.

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Wash Your Car Immediately After Rain Exposure

Many will agree that leaving your car in the rain is not a good thing to do. But, if you drive the car a lot and can’t protect it from the rain, you should wash it immediately after. Don’t let rainwater linger and dry on the car’s body.

It would be best if you also used a car shampoo with a suitable pH when giving your car a wash. Avoid using dishwashing creams and detergents because they can damage your car’s paint.

To restore its shine, waxing your car after drying it post-wash is the way to go. Be sure to choose a high-quality wax to avoid any potential damage to your car’s paint in the future. This routine makes your car look great and the paint lasts longer.

Be Sure to Inspect the Paint When Buying a Used Car

Car paint quality is another important consideration when buying a used car, especially if you plan to resell it down the road. Repainting a car will usually affect its resale value. Used car buyers will be more likely to choose cars that are in their original paints and well-cared for.

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