Tips on Buying a Used Car with an Auto Loan and UMR

The regional minimum wage (UMR) does not prevent you from buying a used car with an auto loan, as many finance companies facilitate used car loans.

Cars are vehicles families need, particularly for all their members’ mobility. In addition, the buying process, payment model, and payment system are quite simple.

Therefore, people can easily buy new cars or used ones. Besides, buying used cars is now popular.

Many people buy used cars for their lower prices. However, to buy a used car with an auto loan, a family should be financially prepared so that it does not cause any issues concerning its finances or budget for daily needs.

It is more relevant to prospective buyers earning the regional minimum wage (UMR). They need to follow tips on buying used cars or repaying used car loans easily, securely, and timely.

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4 Tips on Buying a Used Car with an Auto Loan and UMR

Calculate Accurately

First, calculate your income and budget for daily needs accurately. Then, save for the down payment of your auto loan.

The more the down payment, the easier the installment. A larger down payment reduces a loan tenure and monthly payments.

Do a Market Price Survey

Second, after preparing the down payment and monthly payments, survey the price of a car. Compare the prices of the car in several used car dealers.

Do Not Take Out Loans to Buy Other Goods

Third, after deciding to buy a car, you had better not take out loans to buy other goods. To be financially healthy, a family should not spend more than 30 percent of the fixed income on paying off debts.

Make Extra Income

Fourth, make extra income. To spend more money, you should generate more income.

With additional income, you can save for using and maintaining your car. Thus, your family’s financial health is maintained.

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Used Car Loans at mobil88

However, before deciding to buy a used car, check its quality. The quality must be seen from its exterior and interior parts and engine.

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This showroom is owned by PT Serasi Mitra Mobil, a business line of PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA. Every used car sold by mobil88 has been thoroughly inspected by certified and reliable inspectors.

The inspection results serve as a reference for guaranteeing the cars’ good condition to customers. The same inspection results serve as a reference for pricing so that the selling price becomes fairer, and you can buy a used car at a fixed price without worrying about its quality.

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