Looking for Commercial Cars? Check Out These Recommendations from TRAC

Commercial cars are no less vital than passenger cars, such as city cars, MPVs, SUVs, and sedans, particularly for your business.

Passenger cars are focused on their features and passenger comfort. Meanwhile, commercial cars are designed for strength, carrying capacity, and efficiency to cut down costs and boost productivity.

There are two types of commercial cars, i.e. pick-ups and vans/box trucks. Despite their different functions, both are good choices for transporting goods. Various types of commercial cars with different carrying capacities are available, from light commercial vehicles to Colt diesel trucks. 

Here are our recommendations for those who have just started their business and are uncertain about which commercial cars to use.

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Recommended Commercial Cars

Suzuki Carry Pick-Up

This legendary light pick-up now has a new face and extra dimensions. Its 1,500-cc gasoline engine proves to be powerful and efficient. It can generate 96 hp power and 135 Nm torque.

The vehicle features two types of decks to choose from, i.e., a flat deck with a width of 1,675 mm and a wide deck with a width of 1,765 mm. This pick-up is 4,195 mm long.

Suzuki APV Arena Blind Van

The Carry series is not available in a blind van type. Suzuki offers APV Arena Blind Van instead. Like the Carry, the APV Arena Blind Van’s 1,500 cc gasoline engine can fire 93 hp power and 126 Nm torque.

It features a width of 1,655 mm and a length of 4,155 mm. In addition, its engine is well-known for its strength, and its spare parts are affordable.

Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-Up/Blind Van

Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-Up or Van is incredibly popular in Indonesia. Its quality and durability have been proven. Gran Max offers two types of gasoline engines, i.e. the more economical 1,300 cc and the more powerful 1,500 cc.

The former can generate 87 hp power and 115 Nm torque, while the latter can fire 96 hp power and 134 Nm torque.

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One of its advantages is more body choices. It’s available as a pick-up, blind van, and box truck. Each has different dimensions.

The pick-up has a width of 1,665-1,675 mm; the box truck is 1,670 mm wide; and the blind van is 1,665 mm wide. The pick-up has a length of 4,195 mm; the box is 4,285 mm long, and the blind van has a length of 4,045 mm.

Mitsubishi Colt L300 Pick-Up

The Mitsubishi Colt L300 has been immensely popular for decades. Its engine is known to be efficient, robust, and ready to be ‘exploited’ anywhere.

Its 2,300-cc diesel engine can produce 98 hp power and 200 Nm torque. Mitsubishi Colt L300 Pick-Up is 1,695 mm wide and 4,165 mm long.

All of TRAC’s commercial cars are available for lease here on its website.

Toyota Hilux Single Cab Pick-Up

Single-cab pick-ups are often found in plantation areas, such as Sumatra and Kalimantan. For instance, the Toyota Hilux has a 2,000-cc gasoline engine capable of generating 137 horsepower and 183 Nm of torque.

The vehicle also has a larger carrying capacity than other pick-ups, such as Suzuki Carry, Daihatsu Gran Max, and Mitsubishi Colt L300. It features a width of 1,800 mm and a length of 4,935 mm.

Toyota Dyna

A Colt diesel truck is the solution when transporting goods using a vehicle larger than a pick-up. One of the popular choices in Indonesia is Toyota Dyna.

Its 4,000-cc turbo-diesel engine has two types of power output. The standard type can generate 115 hp power and 353 Nm torque. On the other hand, the Hi-Gear type can fire 136 hp power and 390 Nm torque.

The standard version of Toyota Dyna is 1,717 mm in width and 4,745 mm in length. Meanwhile, the Hi-Gear type is 1,945 mm wide and 6,026 mm long.

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Commercial Car Rental at TRAC

We have recommended some of the best, strongest, largest, and most economical commercial cars. Instead of buying a commercial car, you can rent one at TRAC.

It is the trailblazer in vehicle rental services and has over 37 years of experience. It focuses on car rental for personal and business needs. The services range from daily car rental, monthly car rental, tour bus rental, to motorcycle rental for companies.

TRAC offers a variety of commercial cars, such as Daihatsu Gran Max Pick-Up/Blind Van/Box, Suzuki APV Blind Van/Box, Toyota Hilux Pick-Up, Isuzu Panther Pick-Up, and Toyota New Dyna. For more information, click here.

TRAC always provides well-maintained cars. TRAC offers complete services, including 24-hour customer service.

Need more information about its services? Go to its official website and follow TRAC on Instagram @trac_astra, Facebook TRAC-Astra Rent a Car, or Twitter @TRACastra.