Consign Your Used Cars and Other Goods at IBID

Despite the considerable use of e-commerce and social media to sell goods, auctions are still quite common thanks to their advantages.

Selling at a reputable auction house offers several benefits as it applies openness, competitiveness, fairness, legal certainty, efficiency, and accountability in its transactions.

Benefits of Consignment at Auction Houses

Consigning at an auction house streamlines sales as sellers do not need to offer their goods and answer buyer’s questions.

In addition, its system and mechanism allow for quicker sales as the information is published on a massive scale to reach the right target market.

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Competitive offers from bidders lead to a higher selling price. IBID is one of the largest auction houses in Indonesia and a line of business of PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA), a subsidiary of Astra Group.

Since 2007, IBID has consistently held offline and online auctions and sold ample products, ranging from automotive, gadgets, and lifestyle products to heavy machinery.

What objects can be auctioned off at IBID? Continue reading to find out more.

2 Types of Goods to Be Consigned at IBID

Automotive Products

Cars or vehicles with at least four wheels have been the focal point of auctions at IBID since the beginning.

The cars include passenger cars (such as MPVs, SUVs, sedans, and hatchbacks), commercial cars (e.g., pickups, blindvans, and trucks), and cars with a high seating capacity like buses.

The auctioned cars are owned by individuals, banks, financing institutions, public companies, used car dealers, or official Brand-Holder Sole Distributors (ATPM) car dealers.

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In addition, the cars are graded according to the inspection report from Astra Car Valuation inspectors. The grades allow bidders to ensure information accuracy and objectivity about the cars.

In addition to four-wheeled vehicles, various types of motorcycles can be consigned at IBID. The auctioned motorcycles are also owned by individuals, companies, etc.

Non-Automotive Products

There are several non-automotive products or goods auctioned at IBID. They include heavy machinery for construction or industry.

A heavy machinery auction at IBID is often a timed auction held in a particular period. It lasts longer, for about 2 or 3 days.

IBID also conducts consigned stationery auctions for computers, laptops, printers, chairs, and tables. Therefore, an auction is an easy solution for those who want to consign a lot of stationery at once.

Auction houses also consign production leftovers, such as containers, scraps, raw material leftovers from production, and unused means of production.

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Other non-automotive products are gadgets, accessories, and collectibles. The gadgets include mobile phones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, and drones.

The accessories and collectibles include goods with a high selling price, such as musical instruments, paintings, toys, bags, and other imported goods not available in Indonesia.

As an auction house, IBID continues to innovate, create new opportunities, and provide the best service for consignors and bidders.

IBID is a credible and reputable auction house. You can easily join its online and offline auction.

To participate in the online auction, you can join the live auction on the IBID app available on Play Store and App Store. You can also go to its official website