The IBID MAP Feature, An Easy Way to Check Used Car Prices

A lot of people feel confused when selling their car, especially about the right selling price. On the other hand, there are also a lot of would-be second-hand car owners who don’t quite grasp the market of their sought-after cars.

This is normal because many variables determine the selling price of used cars, ranging from the brand, variant, type, color, transmission, and condition to the car age. The question about the reasonable price for a used car will most definitely pop up among laypeople.

Thanks to the MAP (Market Auction Price) feature, finding the used car price won’t cause a hassle. This feature is used as a map for consignors and bidders to find out the market price of cars at all times.

This feature lets you easily check the vehicle price they want to sell or buy. So, how do you sell those goods at IBID? Let’s look at the information below.

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What is the MAP Feature? 

The MAP feature provides info on Indonesia’s most complete market price listings of auction cars. This market price includes the selling and buying prices of used cars.

Thousands of statistical data on car market prices from various brands and types have been gathered based on market research for the last 6 months. Registered users can explore the market prices of cars by entering the details of their desired vehicle.

In addition, the MAP feature is also integrated with the Astra Car Valuation (ACV) inspection system, which is done before the car auction starts. This integration allows the price displayed in the MAP feature to perfectly represent the grade of the component inspection results and car documents.

MAP feature facilitates you in creating a strategy to determine the base price and price range of a car to make a bid through the auction.

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How to Use the MAP Feature

The MAP feature can be accessed through the website or MAP App that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Using it is a breeze. First, make an account by providing your name, email address, and password. Then, open your mailbox and look for the email to verify your account. After successful registration, login again to access the MAP feature.

To find the market price of used cars at the IBID auction, enter the details of your desired car in the search bar. Provide the data about the vehicle’s exterior, interior, machine, and frame. After that, click Cek Harga (Check Price), and the price estimates will appear.

Widget to Monitor Prices

You can also make a widget containing diagrams of used car prices that can be monitored 24/7. This feature is essential for consigners and bidders who regularly participate in auctions.

How to do this, you ask? Firstly, select the Insights tab. Then tap Tambah Widget (Add Widgets) and name the widget, for example, ‘AVANZA.’Next, you’ll want to determine the diagram model and the data metrics to be shown, like the highest, lowest, or average price.

Then, enter the auction duration or period. Fill in the required parameters like the brand, series, type, cylinder, car age, transmission, period data, place of auction, and grade of the car. Afterwards, click Simpan Perubahan (Save Changes).\’And the widget is ready to go.

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Those are some details about the MAP feature to easily check the used car prices at the IBID auction house.

For those of you who want to sell used cars at auction, IBID - Balai Lelang Serasi is always ready to give the best prices based on the Astra Car Valuation (ACV) process.

IBID is Beyond Used Car Auctions

Not only used cars, but a variety of non-automotive products are also up for auction at IBID. They include computers, laptops, printers, chairs, and office desks.

So, if you want to sell office equipment in large quantities at once, auctions can be the right and easy choice.

IBID auctions also sell leftover products or scraps, such as shipping containers, leftover production metals and raw materials, or unused production tools.

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Other non-automotive items include gadgets and collectibles/accessories. Gadgets can range from PCs, game consoles, and drones to mobile phones and tablets.

Accessories and collectibles can vary from high market value items such as musical instruments, paintings, toys, bags, and imported goods unavailable in Indonesia.

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