Auction Transaction Gets Easier with Virtual Account

Making Payments at Auction Gets Easier with Virtual Account

Purchasing a used car has its own challenges, but recently many options are available for consumers to do so. One of them is auction. 

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Taking part in an auction can be an alternative for those who want to purchase a used car at an affordable price. If you are lucky enough, you can find used cars at a price far below the market price.

Established in 2007, Balai Lelang Serasi (IBID) is one of the most trusted auction houses. As an Astra Group company, IBID is constantly striving for innovation and improvement, from service delivery and the auction process to the lots sold at its auctions. In addition, its auction process is fairly easy.

IBID is adaptive to change, particularly in times of the Covid-19 pandemic, as more and more people move toward doing everything online. Compared to its competitors, IBID offers a simpler method and provides more benefits. 

IBID also provides a variety of other alternatives and methods for bidding. The introduction of digital technology to the company‚Äôs bidding process has further allowed you to bid online, which is a lot easier. 

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Paying for items also gets easier because there are several secure payment methods for NPL orders that you can use at IBID. Unlike in the past, IBID has nowadays also facilitated NPL purchases that can be paid through Virtual Accounts (VAs) from several banks in Indonesia. What are they?

1. Mandiri Virtual Account

First, you can make payment using Mandiri Virtual Account. Once the NPL purchase request and payment has been processed, you will get a virtual account number to complete the payment through Mandiri mobile banking (Livin by Mandiri), ATM, or Internet Banking.

2. BCA Virtual Account

In addition to Mandiri Virtual Account, you can also make payments for NPL purchases using BCA Virtual Account. The payment can be completed through m-BCA, klikBCA, and ATM. 

Apart from the 2 banks stated above, there are other VAs that can be used for NPL payment at IBID:

3. BNI Virtual Account

4. BRI Virtual Account

5. BSI Virtual Account

6. Permata Virtual Account

7. BSS Virtual Account (Bank Sampoerna)

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Alternatives for Other Bank Users

If you use other than the 7 banks mentioned above, you can still make your NPL purchase or payments. From the payment menu at IBID website or application, you may choose payment using Mandiri Virtual Account. Follow through the instructions until you get your virtual account number. After that, follow these instructions: 

Mobile Banking

  1. Login by filling in your username and password in your bank application.

  2. Choose the TRANSFER menu


  4. Choose BANK MANDIRI

  5. Input your Mandiri virtual account in the account number field

  6. Input the amount according to the bill.

  7. Confirm the payment, and it is done.

Bank Teller

The following data need to be input when making a payment using any bank teller other than BCA and Mandiri.


  2. Beneficiary Bank: BANK MANDIRI

  3. Account No.: input the virtual account number

  4. Amount: input according to the bill

  5. Description: NPL Purchase

Those are some of the payment methods available at IBID. Simply choose an option that suits your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Fill in your data and enjoy the convenience of used car auctions at IBID.

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