Know Your Tour Bus Options for Group Travel

Renting a Bus for a Safe and Comfortable Travel? Get to Know the Bus Options First

For about two years, the Covid-19 pandemic has been restricting the community mobility, including recreational activities with family, colleagues, or friends. Now that the pandemic has been gradually brought under control, many people are planning to take a trip,including during school vacation before the new academic year begins.

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Some of them even took a trip together as a group to certain tourist attractions by renting a vehicle. If you want to engage in such activity, there are three important things you must consider to ensure a truly safe, comfortable, and memorable trip.

3 Things to Consider

First, determine your destination and make sure that every participant has agreed on which tourist attractions to visit.

Second, make sure that the vehicle you use or rent provides comfort and safety during your trip together.

Third, carefully choose which vehicle to rent. If the number of participants is large, a bus will be the best type of vehicle for you to choose.

A bus has a greater capacity and a more spacious cabin, providing the passengers with the ability to move around freely and an unimpeded view. Therefore, you will not experience mental exhaustion and physical fatigue as quickly.

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However, when choosing a genuinely roadworthy bus to rent as your mode of transportation, you must ensure its safety condition by checking the company’s business legality with the Ministry of Transportation. In addition, you should also check all the safety and comfort features.

TRAC Bus Is the Right Choice

Choosing a charter bus is a serious matter, so make sure that the bus rental company or provider has a credible track record and a trustworthy reputation. TRAC is among the tour bus rental companies that offer both.

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TRAC provides buses with excellent amenities and top-notch comfort. At TRAC, you can choose from a variety of options equipped with extensive features and amenities.

First, there is the Luxury Bus, a premium and luxury bus option offered by TRAC. When it comes to features, this is the most extensive compared to the others. A luxury bus can carry 11–15 passengers with a very spacious cabin. Its main features include air conditioning, safety equipment, a two-point seat belt for each seat, reclining seats, charging ports, toilets, televisions & karaoke equipment, audio entertainment, power seats, a karaoke room, a pantry, a fridge, AVOD, amenity kits, pillows. and blankets.

Second, there is the Big Bus. This option is offered in a selection of capacities that can carry 59, 48, 45, and 40 passengers. In addition to air conditioning, LCD televisions, and DVD Players, this option also features sound systems, electrical sockets in the luggage compartments, and Wi-Fi networks in selected units.

Third, there is the Medium Bus. This option offers multiple capacities from 18, 23, 29, 32, to 35 passengers. Therefore, the rental prices vary by the passenger capacity.

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A medium bus is also equipped with features such as air conditioning, safety equipment, a two-point seat belt for each seat, reclining seats, charging ports, a toilet, televisions & karaoke, audio entertainment, and amenity kits. In addition, pillows and blankets are also provided.

The fourth option is the Small Bus. This option is designed for private group travels. A small bus can carry 13, 15, or 16 passengers and is equipped with features such as air conditioning, safety equipment, a two-point seat belt for each seat, reclining seats, charging ports, audio entertainment, amenity kits, pillows, and blankets.

Health Protocols

Another benefit of choosing TRAC as your bus rental service is its compliance to the health protocols to prevent exposure to the corona virus (during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic) or other viruses. For this purpose, all bus drivers and crew members have been vaccinated.

In fact, through the SMART Protocol, TRAC regularly disinfectants its vehicle units before and after each use. The company also provides hand sanitizers, requires drivers to wear masks and gloves, and installs fiberglass partitions between the drivers and passengers.

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Furthermore, TRAC also ensures that the drivers have been vaccinated, ensuring a peace of mind for the passengers.

With the TRACtoGo app, you can book a bus without hassle. Simply download the app on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Choose the “Bus Rental” menu and choose an option that works best for your traveling need.

TRAC also offers a series of great bus rental deals. For more information on these deals, including the terms and conditions, visit