Get to Know the Minimum Service Standards for a Tour Bus to Make Travelling Safer and More Comfortable

Before Renting a Tour Bus, Understand the Minimum Service Standards

The roadworthiness of a tour bus as a rental means of transportation must be indicated by the compliance with the minimum standards called the Minimum Service Standards (MSS). This standard determines not only the safe condition of the bus, but also the comfort for its passengers.

When renting a tour bus, you must make sure about its compliance with such a standard first. Don’t be swayed by the cheap rental prices or fees. This is important since the MSS-related aspects are not only about the trip comfort, but also the passenger safety.

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In light of that, you should discuss about the followings with the rental tour bus company. In addition, you must also check or confirm the track record of the company's tour bus fleet up until now.

1. Vehicle Permit

First, make sure that the rental bus has a vehicle permit. In obtaining this permit, the bus has at least undergone a roadworthiness inspection performed by officers from a government agency or, in this case, the Ministry of Transportation.

2. Roadworthiness

Second, inspect the physical condition of the rental bus. The inspection can start from the tires to see whether they are still in a good condition or not, that is, by confirming the safe tire tread depth and that the tires are not retreaded ones.

Then, make sure that the vehicle glass is not cracked or broken. Also, make sure that the bus mirrors are clear and complete. Inspect the seats condition and, another important thing, cross-check the document containing the bus model year and compare it to the bus’s actual looks.

If the bus is an old model, you should avoid renting it even though it still looks fine. The way the bus looks is not a guarantee for its safety. Additionally, old model year indicate the bus’s high mileage.

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3. The Bus Company’s Track Record

Third, look into the track record of the rental bus company. Dig up information on the internet about tour bus crashes related to the company in question.

4. Facilities’ Function

Fourth, examine the available facilities, from safety tools such as glass breakers for emergencies, seat belts, and essential medicines in the bus’s first aid kits. In addition, make sure the condition of the TV, audio devices, microphones, and air conditioning. If necessary, verify whether there is wi-fi connectivity and whether there are pillows and blankets, and check the smell inside the cabin.

5. Attitude and Services of the Bus Crew

Fifth, check the attitude and services of the bus crew. You can confirm these or dig up any information about these from the people who have used the bus provided by the company in question. You can draw a conclusion by, at minimum, seeing the various comments on the company's official website made by consumers or the public.

If the crew’s services are bad, it’s better for you to rent a bus from other companies. After all, the crew’s bad attitude will make travelling unpleasant and you and your group will likely end up disappointed.

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Eliminate your anxiety related to the rental bus’s safety and comfort by renting one from TRAC Bus. In addition to cars, TRAC as a vehicle rental company by Astra Group also provides many bus options for rent, from small and medium buses to big and luxury buses—all known for their prioritization of safety.

TRAC, established in 1986, is also renowned for strictly applying regulations and standards to their rental vehicles and bus drivers.  In addition to having broad experience and being certified for safe driving skills, the drivers are also equipped with customer service code of ethics.

TRAC also delivers all of its services following strict preventive measures for COVID-19. In any of its business activities, TRAC implements its own protocol called SMART, which stands for Sanitize, Wear a Mask, and Ready to Go. Sanitize means sanitizing cars with disinfectants between uses, while Wear a Mask requires both drivers and customers to wear mask. When these two steps are completed, TRAC is Ready to Go to serve its customers.

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As a solution to meet transportation or tour demands, TRAC also offers a car rental service with a professional and trained driver. For its drivers, TRAC carefully selects the best talent and provides them with thorough training and capacity building, including defensive driving techniques, taught by internationally-certified instructors.

TRAC’s drivers have received training to uphold the company’s standard of service, so they are all technically skilled as well as polite and well-groomed, providing customers with high-quality service at all times. On top of that, TRAC’s network of branches, which operates in 50 cities across Indonesia, makes its car rental services widely accessible. 

For more information on the services, please contact TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or visit