Ways To Instantly Win At Car Auctions

Easy Ways to Win Online Car Auctions

To buy a used car in a fair and up-to-date manner, you can participate in an auction at a reputable official auction house. In general, the price set in the auction process is based on the offers submitted by a number of participants.

These participants have seen various sides of the desired used car. Apart from that, a car auction company provides complete information about the car before it is auctioned, which is generally sold as seen.

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Therefore, the price set during the auction is fairer. Even so, winning the auction is not easy.

In this process, bidders are required to keep abreast of the bid price changes submitted by participants in stages, and compete to submit the highest price.

If a participant bids at a certain nominal value, then the other participants must submit an even higher price in order to win.

You should keep in mind that it takes patience to submit an offer. If you bid way too high, you may lose money instead of making a profit. This is because the price of the car you get may actually be higher than the market price.

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Win Online Auctions With AutoBid

However, this condition will not occur when you participate in online auctions at PT Balai Lelang Serasi under the trademark of IBID. Through the IBID application, the auction process becomes easier. With its bidding feature, AutoBID, bidding process is more effective and efficient.

With this feature, submitted bids are more organized and measurable. Participants can control themselves because they have set the maximum bidding limit and the nominal price every time they submit a bid. This way, they can monitor the course of the auction process while doing other activities.

It is easy to use. Turn on the AutoBID feature available in the IBID application. Then, enter the highest amount for each bid and the maximum total price limit you desire for the auctioned car.

For example, you can set it to increase your bid in multiples of IDR 500,000 every time you bid and the highest price limit at a certain nominal. When another participant bids, the AutoBid system will automatically provide a counteroffer, up to the highest limit you set at the beginning.

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If the bid has exceeded the bidding limit, AutoBid will automatically stop, but you can still make another offer by entering the numbers manually.

For those of you who didn’t know, IBID, the official auction house owned by PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) was founded in 2007. Not only trustworthy, IBID also offers the convenience of participating in live auctions through the IBID application available on the Google Play Store.

Thus, participants can submit bids from anywhere without having to come to the location. It can even be accessed through the website and the IBID mobile application.

For more detailed information, you can visit its official website at