Everything You Need to Know about Self-Drive Car Rental for Your Mudik Trip

Things to Pay Attention to about Self-Drive Car Rental

Renting a car for any need, including for a mudik trip, has now been the preference of more and more families in Indonesia. They believe that renting a car is easier and more efficient,

especially in critical and urgent situations. They don’t have to check up and prepare the car at a repair shop. They only need to order from any platform, and a rental car is ready for them.

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Car rental companies usually offer two types of services. First, a rental car with a driver service. Second, a rental car without any driver, commonly known as self-drive car rental service.

Each service has its benefits for the tenants. The second option, the self-drive car rental service, is the most favorite one because it’s considered more comfortable and flexible for a trip.

Without the presence of a non-family member, your family members can discuss anything freely during the trip. You can also have a break to rest anywhere and continue the trip any time.

This is surely come in handy if you’re the type of person who feels more comfortable to self-drive than having a driver for your trip. You can save some money for gasoline or other needs without a driver service.

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Things to Consider When Renting a Car Selfdrive

That said, there are some homeworks you need to do before going with the self-drive option. First, research the pricing and the self-drive rental car system.

Second, it would be best to examine the condition of the car you will rent. It is recommended that you go beyond the looks. The car’s exterior and interior are important but remember also to check the car’s engine and features.

Check the braking, AC, audio systems, and other functions as well. Make sure you can operate every feature well and that they are fully functional.

Check the car’s service history to know when the car was last serviced. Last but not least, ensure the company has insured the car to prevent you from taking unnecessary responsibility should any unexpected situation happen.

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It would be best to look for a trusted car rental company to get a well-guaranteed rental car. One example of the companies with such high credibility is TRAC, one of PT Serasi Autoraya’s subsidiaries, the Astra Group company.

TRAC also gives you more than transportation solutions; it gives you an excellent condition guarantee for the cars you rent. It provides well-maintained and new cars with modern features to make your trip comfortable and safe.

TRAC offers all-around services, including 24hr customer service. With the experience of over 30 years, TRAC has branch offices in all major cities in Indonesia, ensuring an easier car rental process.

Renting a self-drive car in TRAC has a clear-cut procedure. You only need to provide an ID card, car driving license, your company’s ID card, and an active email address of your company. After fulfilling those requirements, you will instantly get your desired rental car. 

It is also easy to get TRAC services. You can use the TRACtoGo app, which you can download on your phone, or the TRAC’s website. TRAC bus rental services are available not only in Jakarta but also in other cities.

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TRACtoGo is a platform of various vehicle rental services for your personal needs. TRACtoGo is accessible through smartphones (both iOS and Android) and provides various payment methods.

You can use your credit card or make payment via a virtual account provided by Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA, or Permata. Digital wallets, such as LinkAja, OVO, DANA, GoPay, ShopeePay, and AstraPay, are also available as payment methods.

TRAC always prioritizes health protocols in each service to ensure the health and safety of its customers in their mobility through various procedures for curbing the spread of COVID-19. Below are the steps taken by TRAC in its car rental service:

  • We wash and sanitize our cars using disinfectant before and after each use

  • We focus on hygiene in all operational and organizational processes, following the Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS)

  • We always follow the physical distancing protocol when driving, in line with the applicable rules.

In addition to using the TRACtoGo to rent a car, you can always rent a car via TRAC’s website and application. You can also call Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to

To learn more about various rental services from TRAC, visit its official website at