Have to Take Your Car to the Auto Repair Shop After Mudik? Worry Not!

Rental Car Can be the Solution for Your Daily Mobility

Car maintenance post-Lebaran holiday may introduce a new issue. This is particularly true for those who have to return to their routine immediately.

Some may even return from their hometowns nearing their work schedule, so they cannot take their cars to the auto repair shop for maintenance or repair.

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Consequently, they have to take their cars to the auto repair shop when they need them most. This may snowball into a bigger issue if it happens amid busy schedules.

Public transport can be a solution. However, taking public transport is not a viable option if you have to move to places during a jam-packed schedule.

In this condition, renting a car from a rental company is the answer. That said, you must rent the car from a trusted rental company offering cars of excellent condition in a streamlined and swift process.

Benefits Offered by TRAC

One such company is TRAC. This car rental company is a line of business of PT Serasi Autoraya, a part of Astra Group. It provides car and bus rentals.

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Well-Maintained Fleets

In addition, TRAC offers transport solution services and excellent rent cars. It provides well-maintained and new cars with modern features to make your trip comfortable and safe.

Professional Drivers

TRAC also provides cars with drivers. Their drivers are experienced and professional. They are skilled in safe driving and trained in ethical standards of professional services.

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Flexible Terms

TRAC offers various terms ranging from 4, 12, to 24 hours with many types of cars: sedans, city cars, MPVs, and SUVs. TRAC is one of the great choices.

Vast Experience and Vast Network

With its 34 years of experience in car rental service, TRAC also offers a convenient rental process. It has branches in big cities across the country and employs digital technology.

TRAC Overview

TRAC is a car and bus rental company that has been operating since 1990 and has branches across Indonesia’s regions.

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TRAC’s car rental service can be the perfect option that meets your business and personal needs. It offers vehicles for corporate business operations as well as daily and monthly rental cars, with or without drivers.

In addition to its various services, TRAC has many types of fleets suitable for your needs. For passenger cars, it offers MPVs, SUVs, city cars, sedans, and premium cars to fulfill various purposes.

It also provides electric cars in Bali and Samosir, South Sumatra. For commercial and business, it offers pickup trucks, cargo vans, and 4-wheel drive (4WD) vehicles that are usually used in mining areas.

Many great things come for you when you choose to use a car rental service from TRAC. They include flexible terms, 24-hour customer service, maintenance support from official auto repair shops, and replacement units for cars under maintenance.

For an easy booking experience, you can book via the TRACtoGo app, which is available on Google Play Store dan Apple App Store. Visit TRAC’s official website at to learn more about its rental car offers.