Car Rental Scams: Signs and How The Company Operates

Renting cars from a car rental company is a quick and easy solution for individuals and enterprises looking for cost-effective, easy-to-use vehicles that cater to every possible need.

Even for companies looking to procure vehicles to drive their day-to-day business operations, renting a fleet of vehicles seems to be a feasible strategy to cut down costs.

However,you should be aware of  car rental scams that offer very low prices but are actually tricking you. The rental company would offer to deliver the car to the renter’s house.

You may have used this kind of rental service for vacations or other occassions. However, you should be more aware of such scam operations. Here are a few signs of car rental scams that you should know.

Identify Signs Of Car Rental Scams

The Price is Too Cheap

The first sign to watch out for is the unreasonably low prices to attract potential renters. You should be suspicious if the price offered to rent a car is significantly lower than the market price, as many scammers use this method.

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No Deposit Requested

The next sign is no deposit requirement. You should exercise particular caution if a car rental service company does not require a deposit or warranty before renting a car.

No Official Office

Another sign to watch out for is if a car rental service company does not have an office or place of business, and does not have business permit. Prior to proceeding with any transactions, make sure to request proof of a valid business license.

No Warranty

You should raise your suspicion if a car rental company does not offer security guarantee or insurance for their rented cars.

No Contact Center

Make sure that you always request a valid phone number from the renters prior to making any transactions.

No Website

A car rental service company that does not have official website or online presence is another sign to watch out for.

It is important that you avoid making wrong decisions when renting a car, as it could result in an uncomfortable, uninteresting, unsafe, and unremarkable business trip.

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Choose a Trusted Rental Company

In today’s digital technology, people expect that all businesses, including car rental companies, will incorporate digital technology into their offerings to ease transaction processes. Convenience, speed, and accuracy are things people demand more and more of in the digital era.

Protect yourself from car rental scams by choosing trusted car rental service companies. Choose a reputable service company that offers high-quality and convenient digital-based options, such as TRAC.

TRAC, a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya and a member of the Astra Group, offers end-to-end transportation solutions, including 24/7 customer support. In addition to 33 years of experience, TRAC has many branches across big cities in Indonesia.

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It is also easy to get TRAC services. You can rent a vehicle via the TRACtoGo app, which is available in both Play Store and App Store.

One of the advantages in using TRACtoGo app is multiple payment method choices. You can use your credit card or make payment via a virtual account provided by Mandiri, BNI, BRI, BCA, or Permata. Digital wallets, such as LinkAja, OVO, DANA, GoPay, ShopeePay, and Astrapay, are also available as payment methods.

TRAC also always prioritizes health protocols in each of its services to ensure the health and safety of its customers. Below are the steps taken by TRAC in its car rental service:

  • We wash and sanitize our cars using disinfectant before and after each use

  • We focus on hygiene in all operational and organizational processes, following the Hygienic and Healthy Lifestyle (PHBS)

  • We always follow the physical distancing protocol when driving, in line with the applicable rules.

To learn more about the services from TRAC’s car rental, please visit the official website You can also contact our Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to