Getting to Know the Graphic Designer Profession and Its Career Path

Have you ever wondered how companies make posters, brochures, and banners to advertise products? And how did they make such attractive advertising materials?

The use of these advertising materials is a part of a company’s marketing strategy. These materials garner people’s attention and prompt them to make transactions.

To do so, companies usually assign a team of graphic designers to create visual materials.Having expertise in graphic design, they can turn dull content into fluid and attractive advertising content to generate sales for companies.

Are you curious about the graphic designer profession and its career path? Continue reading to find out more.

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What is Graphic Design?

Based on numerous sources, graphic design is a creative endeavor to produce digital or print visual content featuring visual elements to convey messages and ideas.

A graphic designer typically combines elements, such as colors, texts, pictures, and illustrations to create enchanting visual communication. Below are the purposes of graphic design.

Conveying a message

Graphic design is used to convey a clear and easy-to-digest message to the target audience. The message may be information, product offers, or other messages for promotional purposes.

Increasing the products or services’ attractiveness

Graphic design is also used to create attractive visuals To captivate and inspire the audience and influence their perception of brands or products.

Improving brand awareness

Graphic design helps build a stronger brand identity by consistently using visual elements to ensure that a brand stays on top of people’s minds.

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Improving user experience

Graphic design also creates a better user experience. Using good design principles, graphic designers create intuitive and practical interfaces.

What is the Function of Graphic Design?

Graphic design has various functions and can be utilized in various fields. They include the following.

  • Logo Design: Graphic design is frequently used in logos representing certain brands.

  • Poster and Advertisement Design: Graphic design is used in a product or service’s posters, brochures, and advertisements.

  • Web and Application Design: Graphic design is used to present a website and mobile application visually.

  • Packaging Design: Graphic design is often used to make product packaging to ensure it is attractive and represents the brand.

  • Visual Communication Contents Design: Graphic design is also used in infographics, presentations, and other marketing materials to facilitate understanding and message delivery.

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Graphic Designer’s Career Path

Quoting from, graphic designer is among companies' most sought-after positions, particularly in today’s digital era.

The reason is that companies need graphic designers to make them attractive visual materials for sales or content for various media channels.

This is a rather economically promising profession, considering its popularity. Regardless of the varying rules in companies, this profession is expected to have a good career path.

If you want to become a graphic designer, foster your skills and competence in this subject today. That way, when you get the job opportunity, you are ready and can introduce significant impacts to the company you work for.

That aside, companies look for people to fill in various positions. Among these is PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA that regularly offers job vacancies.

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Founded on 22 March 1990, SERA has become the leader in Indonesia's transportation and logistics industry. Every year, this Astra Group's company welcomes new members to fill various positions.

SERA continues to provide opportunities for individuals qualified for positions at the company and its subsidiaries.

For more details about jobs at SERA, visit its official website or click on this direct link: