Choosing the Right Motorcycle for Your Business

Motorcycles have evolved into crucial assets and instruments for supporting business operations.

They are not limited to just transporting; they also serve as delivery vehicles and facilitations for various businesses, including online ride-sharing services and more.

When motorcycles are used as instruments or investments to support business operations, it is important to understand that not all motorcycle types and models are suitable. However, it is important to consider the motorcycle model or types ideal for business purposes.

Select Your Business Motorcycle Carefully for Optimal Success

Cost-effective operational expenses, strong endurance for demanding use, and excellent functionality are some criteria a business-supporting motorcycle should possess. When deciding on the right motorcycle, there are currently several options available, including both automatic and manual transmission motorcycles.

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Honda Motor offers two types of motorcycles through its sole agent (ATPM) in Indonesia, PT Astra Honda Motor. They offer a wide variety of motorcycle models.

However, motorcycles with small engine capacities of 110cc to 150cc are the best options for business operations.

Some options, such as Honda BeAt, Honda Scoopy, Honda Genio, Honda Vario 125, Honda Vario 150, Honda PCX 160, Honda Supra, and Honda CB150R, are available.

All these models are versatile, serving purposes such as delivery transportation, passenger transport, or being part of the operational inventory for employees. Furthermore, many companies avoid the complexities of acquiring motorcycle units and their maintenance procedures.

Hence, companies prefer to rent these vehicles by utilizing corporate motorcycle rental services with some rental durations or terms.

However, to avoid potential issues such as damage, poor quality, or discomfort during usage, it is important to be cautious when choosing a motorcycle rental provider.

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Rent a Motorcycle Monthly with TRAC

When looking for a trustworthy motorcycle rental company, TRAC is the answer. TRAC is a subsidiary of PT Serasi Autoraya, a part of Astra Group.

TRAC provides vehicle rental services ranging from motorcycles to cars as well as numerous types and sizes of buses. One of its advantages is that TRAC ensures that the rented vehicles are well-maintained and in top-notch condition, including the latest models.

TRAC’s motorcycle rental services can be a solution to support business and venture operations. They offer a wide range of motorcycles from all brands and types that can be tailored to your needs. This means you will not have to worry about maintenance and annual taxes.

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TRAC offers all-around services, including 24-hour customer service. With the experience of over 30 years, TRAC has branch offices in all major cities in Indonesia, ensuring an easier car rental process.

For more information about TRAC’s motorcycle rental services, visit its official website at