Thanks to ACV, Used Car Auctions with IBID Is Now Stress-Free

In addition to dealers, auction houses have become a popular option for purchasing used cars. The trend of taking part in used car auctions has indeed continued to rise, especially nearing Eid Al-Fitr.

Buying used cars through an auction offers several advantages. Among them are the more affordable prices.

This is because the car price is set based on its actual condition, making the auction process more objective and transparent in determining the price.

Even so, many people are still worried or anxious about the quality of the auctioned used cars. This is on the cards because the cars are often in as-is conditions and diversely sourced, so their quality isn’t standardized.

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However, this depends on the means and methods applied by the auction house organizer in inspecting the used cars. The accuracy of the inspection results to determine the base price is often questionable.

But this won’t happen if you take part in a used car auction at PT Balai Lelang Serasi or IBID. At the auction house that is part of the Astra Group, the inspection of used cars to be auctioned uses the Astra Car Valuation (ACV) systemthat can generate more accurate and objective results.

Inspecting Used Cars Using ACV

Used car inspection is carried out using platforms with the latest tech. The process is systematic and careful, leading to more accurate results.

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It starts with the owners registering their car to be auctioned at IBID. The car will then be taken in for a comprehensive and thorough inspection, starting from the interior.

It’s carried out on the seats, car floor mat, dashboard, navigation equipment, and other parts of the interior.

After that, an exterior inspection is done using a thickness gauge. There are 13 parts to check, divided into three to four points to generate accurate results that are automatically recorded on a connected device.

The exterior inspection will also check these on the car body: scratch, peeling paint, and dent caused by a collision or other cause.

Once complete, the next check is performed on the engine components. Features like wipers, horns, ACs, and parking sensors are not left behind in this inspection, either.

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The inspection results are then printed and attached to the used car auctioned. This allows auction participants to discover the condition of the used car being auctioned more easily, transparently, and objectively.

That’s the guarantee of used cars auctioned by IBID, based on the inspection results using ACV. For anyone who wants to join a used car auction, Balai Lelang Serasi or IBID can become one of your choices due to its trusted and good reputation. IBID makes the auction process smooth sailing, both online and offline.

If you want to take part in the online auction, you can participate in the live auction via the IBID app, available on the Play Store and App Store. You can also participate via the official IBID website