5 Car Features Adding Comfort to the Driver

Despite the numerous options for transportation nowadays, the car is still one of the favorites, especially for city people with mobility in their day-to-day lives.

Amid various activities and congested road conditions, cars are not only required to be reliable mode of transportation, but also comfortable to face various challenges on the road.

As such, it’s not surprising that the latest cars are equipped with many features for safety and comfort. Especially for comfort, at least 5 features make driving easier or more pampering for the driver. Check them out below!

Cruise Control

When driving for hundreds of kilometers, sometimes your feet feel tired because you have to keep stepping on the gas pedal.

To reduce fatigue in the right leg, the cruise control feature provides comfort as it allows the car to continue driving at a stable speed without stepping on the gas pedal. A few automotive manufacturers call it speed control or autocruise.

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This feature is easy to use. Drive the car at the desired speed, for example 60 km/hour, then press the cruise control button, and the car will maintain the speed without you needing to lift a finger.

However, a few car brands limit the cruise control speed to a minimum of 40km/hour, so the feature can't be activated when the car is below that speed.

Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Station (WEVCS)

The lives of modern people can’t be separated from their mobile phones or smartphones. A few types of phones have even been equipped with the wireless charging feature, especially on flagships or premium smartphones. Car manufacturers also present the Wireless Electric Vehicle Charging Station (WEVCS) feature.

This feature used to be available only on luxury cars priced at Rp 500 million to above Rp 1 billion. However, this feature has now become increasingly common in mainstream cars such as the Toyota Avanza, Hyundai Stargazer, Mitsubishi Xpander, and other cars below the Rp 300 million price point.

This feature is definitely valuable and brings comfort when you’re on the road and your phone runs out of juice. On top of that, this feature is practical because it keeps you from the hassle of bringing the appropriate cable for your phone model.

Navigation System

The navigation feature is usually integrated with the car’s head unit. Such a feature is present in a smartphone, but that in a car is better, especially in its looks. A car has a much larger screen to facilitate your map reading.

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A navigation system’s integration with the head unit keeps you from installing a holder like you would when using a phone. An equally important thing is you don’t have to worry about the battery, unlike with phones.

Car navigation systems generally use GPS satellites and an internet connection. Navigation apps like Google Maps can also give information about road condition and directions. Such an app can tell us whether the road we’re on has severe traffic congestion or is smooth sailing.

We can also know other information like road repairs or accidents blocking the road. This feature will be useful if you want to save time and find an alternative route.

Keyless Entry

In the past, remote control technology for car keys was considered highly sophisticated because it could remotely unlock the car.

Even though it’s easier to use than a regular key, it’s still a hassle when carrying many things because you have to get the remote-control key out of your pocket or bag.

Then comes the more practical keyless entry technology with its ability to lock and unlock the car simply by having or moving the remote close to the car.

The Keyless Entry feature has become commonplace in cars of all classes, from mainstream city cars to luxurious ones.

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Camera and Parking Sensor

Parking a car is one of the hardest things to do. Especially if the parking area is challenging, like narrow spaces with walls and pillars.

For an easier parking experience, almost all modern cars use a parking sensor to warn the driver when the car is too close to another object.

This sensor is even equipped with a parking/reversing camera on some cars. In fact, nowadays it’s even more sophisticated with the use of 360-degree camera technology.

The technology comprises 4 cameras at the car’s front, rear, right, and left sides. Through the head unit, the driver can determine the safe distance around the car.

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Those are 5 car features designed to provide convenience and comfort when driving. For even more comfort, you can rent a car to support your daily mobility needs.

In addition to more freedom to choose the car type that suits your needs, you don't need to worry about routine car maintenance.

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