Check Out the Government's Measures for the Eid Al-Fitr 2024 Homecoming Trip

Eid al-Fitr, or Lebaran,is expected to be held on April 11 or 12 2024. With the Muslim holiday right around the corner, most people carry out the tradition of homecoming or mudik.

The government is taking measures to support and make sure that the 2024 homecoming trip is safe, comfortable, and impressive. One such action is anticipating the possibility of traffic congestion or traffic jams during the homecoming season.

Many families, especially in Java, use private cars or public transportation on their homecoming trip. This leads to an influx of vehicles at the same place simultaneously.

In other words, traffic jams are unavoidable. However, on top of reducing potential traffic jams, the government’s measures also aim to ensure that the grand season of homecoming trips does not cause discomfort or create the potential for driving insecurity.

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Construction of Rest Areas

Among the government’s measures is the congestion countermeasures project for the Lebaran 2024 homecoming season, especially along the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road and the Trans-Java Toll Road, which leads from Central Java to East Java, as well as the Trans-Sumatra Toll Road.

On 16 January 2024, the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy, conveyed the project's progress to President Joko Widodo at the Presidential Palace, Jakarta.

One of the things that Muhadjir reported to the president was the construction of a rest area at Kilometer 97 of the Jakarta-Merak toll road.

"The rest area of KM 97 of the Jakarta-Merak Toll Road will later be used as a buffer zone to anticipate traffic congestion," said Muhadjir.

The KM 97 rest area is approximately 1 kilometer before the Merak toll gate (GT) and is designed to reduce traffic congestion caused by vehicle queueing in the surrounding area. The vehicles will be directed to the rest area when congestion occurs.

By expanding the road capacity, congestion management is also conducted from Ketapang (Banyuwangi, East Java) to Gilimanuk (Bali).

This project also includes improving port facilities in Situbondo Regency as a preemptive measure against traffic jams from Ketapang to Gilimanuk.

"We are proposing improvements, including expanding the road to Jangkar Port in Situbondo, so that those heading to Lombok don’t need to cross Bali," said Muhadjir.

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Eid Al-Fitr Mudik Trip in 2024 Using a Car Rental Service

The government’s measures to facilitate the mudik trip must also be supported by the people’s preparations. Prepare your physical, mental, and financial conditions, in addition to your vehicle, to travel long distances.

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