Check Out These Tourist Busses Perfect for Homecoming Trip with Your Family

Going on a trip with your extended family, including returning to your hometown to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr, is certainly a fun moment you experience only once a year. In addition to raising the feeling of togetherness, going together as a group can certainly give off a lasting impression.

However, large groups often face problems when hitting the road. One of which is the sheer volume of homecoming cars becoming unusually high and causing traffic jams on several roads. This eventually leads the vehicle group to split up due to the dense traffic.

Such a mishap would surely be avoidable if you use a tourist bus for your homecoming (mudik) trip. Its large capacity allows all family members to be in one vehicle, adding more fun to the ride.

But a number of people are still hesitant to use this mode of transportation. They doubt the bus’s safety and security, not to mention the available capacity and facilities.

To ease such worries, you can rent a tourist bus at TRAC. With over 37 years of experience, this car rental company offers various tour buses ready for rent.

You can rest assured about their buses’ safety and security,because TRAC always obey the safety regulations of the Ministry of Transportation. In fact, not long ago, TRAC received the Wahana Adhigana and Abdi Yasa 2023 awards from the Directorate General of Land Transportation.

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TRAC’s 4 Types of Tour Busses for 2024 Mudik Trip

Small Bus

This bus type can accommodate dozens of people but is equal to two or three family cars or MPVs.  This 16-passenger bus is perfect for a traveling family without the drama of being separated from each other.

TRAC now has two types of buses under this category: the Toyota Hiace and the Small Bus Jumbo Series, each with a capacity of 15-16 people.

Medium Bus

This bus type can fit 23-35 people and is perfect for a large group of people. It can pass through narrow, inaccessible terrain that’s impossible for large buses. The medium bus is known as the tanggung, or almost large bus.

Even so, this type of bus is also equipped with a side trunk to store suitcases and luggage.

Big Bus

This favorite bus type has become the go-to for people during holidays. This large bus suits various needs, from large family groups, school field trips, to outings with work colleagues.

This 59-seat behemoth bus is the vehicle with the largest capacity offered by TRAC. This bus has a 3-2 seating configuration to hold more people.

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On top of that, there’s a model that can seat 48 people in a comfortable 2-2 seating configuration. Another variant is the 40-seat big bus, complete with a toilet cubicle. This bus type is perfect for long trips with parents and kids.

Luxury Bus

True to its name, this bus type prioritizes comfort and luxury. The fleet for this type of bus is the Toyota Hiace Premio compact with a capacity of 8 people. The bus is equipped with various advanced facilities, among them is a massage feature on several seats.

This type of bus usually has a total configuration of 11 to 59 seats. The TRAC bus fleet unit prioritizes safety, as shown in the seat belt on every seat.

Some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, a toilet, a karaoke machine, and a pantry. Every TRAC bus is also equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

TRAC also makes sure that each and every driver assigned to its buses is a trained and highly experienced driver. This further enhances the comfort and safety of the passengers.

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To boot, TRAC always provides the newest and most well-maintained cars. TRAC services are all-in-one solutions that include 24/7 customer support.

For easier booking, you can use the TRACtoGo app, which you can download from the Play Store and App Store. Select the bus type and pay in seconds from one app.

For more info about TRAC services, you can also check out the TRAC official website at and follow TRAC social media accounts on Instagram @trac_astra, Facebook TRAC-Astra Rent a Car, or X @TRACastra.