Want to Get Hired Quick by Companies? Follow These Tips on Job Application!

Everyone today must know how to make the right and effective job application because it will land them their dream jobs.

Previously, job seekers had a different way of submitting their job applications. They printed all the documents into hard copies. Then, they would send those hard copies to the company through shipping services.

Thanks to technology, submitting a job application has become much easier. You no longer have to come door to door only to submit a job application.

Furthermore, job seekers can easily search and apply for many job vacancies online. This means job applications can be submitted anytime, anywhere. This can be done by, among others, email.

Now, before sending your job application to companies, you should make your job application special. This will give you a better chance to get hired.

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5 Ways to Make Your Online Job Application Stand Out

Use a Professional Email Address

One of the most crucial things you need to note when applying for a job by email is the email address used. Make sure to use a professional email containing your full name.

Even though it sounds trivial, this will impact your job application. This way, companies see you as a professional candidate, giving you a better chance to land the position you applied for.

Attach Your Resume

When sending an application email, you should prepare your profile's supporting documents as references for the recruiters. 

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Send a resume with a description indicating that you have the potentials and credibility to get the position. These are the documents to complement your email:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)

  • University Degree/High School Diploma

  • Training Certification

  • Portfolio

  • Other documents that are relevant for the position

Pay Attention to Your Email Subject

Many job seekers forget to fill in their email subject. However, this detail must not be left out since an email subject contains initial and important information for the recruiters.

It can be a way to identify whether the emails sent are qualified or not. If it is left blank, the system will consider it spam. This will make it harder for the recruiters to check your application.

Most companies determine a specific format for email subjects in their job requirements. Therefore, you must submit your application according to the requirements. If there is no specific format, use the general format like Job Application_Name_Applied Position.

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Write Opening Lines for Your Email Body

Quoted from, creating opening lines for your email body is a significant step you must take. Besides formality, a thoughtfully made opening line can reflect your professionalism.

You can deliver a brief explanation of important details using formal sentences. To ensure smooth opening lines for your email, we have some tips for you:

  • Introduce yourself

  • Mention the position you apply for

  • Write your brief work experience

  • Write a thank you note

  • Attach your valid contact number

Send Your Application Email during Work Hours

Even though you can send the email anytime, you must consider the timing. Recheck all the documents before clicking the send button.

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The best time to send your application is during working hours. It will increase your application's possibility of being noticed by the HR department. You can submit your application around 08:00 to 17:00 Western Indonesian Time (WIB). Even though you might have finished drafting your application the night before, send it in the following day.

Those are things to know about making an online job application that can give you a better chance of getting hired quickly by companies. After learning all these tips, it is time to find the right job opportunities at established companies like PT Serasi Autoraya or SERA.

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SERA continues to provide opportunities for individuals qualified for positions at the company and its subsidiaries.

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