Brimming with Luxury: Here Are Luxury Bus’ Features You Should Know

Enjoy Luxury and Comfort with Luxury Bus  

Now that the pandemic has been gradually brought under control, many people are planning to take a trip. One of the transportation options you can choose is Luxury Bus from TRAC, which offers you luxurious amenities, giving you a business class airline experience.

Many of you might not know about the facilities it provides. From the outside, this bus might look like another large coach you usually ride for a trip, but inside you are presented with facilities that brim with luxury.

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Sumptuous Amenities of TRAC Luxury Bus

When you climb in, you will first notice a panel separating the passengers from the driver. Each room in the bus has a telephone, which also serves as an intercom to the driver’s cabin. That way, you do not have to yell to speak with the driver. Instead, just pick up the phone and you are good to go.

In the passenger’s cabin, you can find elegant yet comfortable seats. These seats are wrapped in leather and have plenty of legroom. Some of these seats can also be used as massage chairs. There is a TV in front of each seat—just like what you would find on a Garuda Indonesia airplane. A tray table is also available, giving you a place to enjoy meals or work on your laptop. 

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You can even have a meeting with your business partners or enjoy some karaoke along the way. With TRAC Luxury Bus, you can go on an out-of-town trip comfortably. 

Luxury Bus offers you several amenities you cannot find in regular coaches, including massage chairs, Wi-Fi, an LCD TV for each seat, and a karaoke machine. On top of that, it is equipped with a meeting room, kitchen, and other awesome features.

In the center, a spick-and-span kitchen is available for cooking meals and making drinks. There are additional kitchen cupboards on the opposite side of the countertop where you can keep utensils or other stuff. And to your surprise, you will find a hidden bathroom next to the bus door, stowed away under these cupboards.

In the back, you will find seats that are even more luxurious than those in the front because they also function as massage chairs. Still in the back, there is a dedicated karaoke box. 

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Similar to a karaoke box at a karaoke lounge, there are sofas arranged in a semicircle and a fairly large TV in front of them, for you and your family to sing your heart out while in transit. 

The interior is exquisite, with wood trims here and there. In addition, the ceiling above you is adorned with mirrors, allowing you to see your reflection. You can adjust the ambient lighting in the back to suit your mood. 

Additionally, a curtain made of luxurious cloth hangs over each seat’s window. You have access to a power outlet and a USB port for charging your gadget in each seat. 

Choose a Trusted Bus Rental Company

When chartering a coach, be sure to choose the right rental company. Also, learn more about the quality of the buses they rent out and do not fall for the cheap prices they give you. Find out about the condition of the buses and the amenities they offer, and make sure that the rental company you choose is reputable.

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This is necessary because it is not uncommon to find a bus rental company that gives you a great deal for a bus that looks good but with a lot of caveats: subpar service, comfort, and safety. Their staff and drivers are not up to the standard you would expect.

One of the excellent bus rental companies you can choose for your trips or other group activities is TRAC. Specializing in the transportation business, this rental company from PT Serasi Autoraya (SERA) has made a name for itself.

TRAC provides bus rental services geared to individuals and companies looking for solutions for their group travel needs, be it a nearcation or out-of-town trip. TRAC is highly committed to ensuring that each bus it rents out is well maintained.

Every TRAC bus is equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers for use during an emergency. And every TRAC driver assigned to its charter bus is an experienced and trained driver, giving you greater assurance of comfort and safety.

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TRAC drivers have also been vaccinated and health screened, ensuring everyone’s well-being during the pandemic. The company has also taken it further by implementing its health protocol called SMART, which requires every bus to be cleaned and disinfected.

TRAC offers a variety of options, from Small and Medium Buses to Big and Luxury Buses. You can choose from an 11-passenger to a 59-passenger bus. You can also opt for an option that brims with luxurious amenities, allowing you to hold a meeting with your business partners or enjoy some karaoke along the way.

Booking a TRAC service is now easier. Just download the TRACtoGo app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and book from there. For more information, contact the TRAC Customer Assistance Center at 1500 009.