The Importance of Providing a Shuttle Bus for Employees

Shuttle Bus Can Increase Employees’ Productivity and Performance

Employees are one of the most valuable assets as they work to achieve the company’s targets and goals. In addition to skills and good physical and psychological conditions, discipline is among the key success factors.

These factors must be ensured to maintain employees’ work ethics and productivity. Facilitating employees’ commute to and from the office is one thing companies can do to maintain employees’ work ethics and productivity.

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Busy roads and traffic jams that can happen at any time may lower employees’ productivity as they can get stuck for hours on their way to work.

Matters get more complicated when they live far from the office.

To avoid undesirable circumstances, companies can provide a shuttle bus for the employees’ commute to and from the office.

Ultimately, such a service will benefit the company as it can increase and maintain employees’ productivity.

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Companies Can Use Shuttle Bus Rental Services

To provide this service, companies do not have to buy their own shuttle buses and form a new team to manage them. Outsourcing this task to a bus rental company can be the solution.

However, this should be done carefully. Choosing a reputable and professional bus rental company is a must.

Otherwise, the matters at hand will not be solved and instead there will be more problems. Without careful preparation, companies may inadvertently choose poor-quality shuttle buses. These buses may break down anytime and may even be unsafe.

Additionally, the rental company may not have adequate shuttle buses. Consequently, when multiple buses require maintenance, the company’s schedule may be disrupted, and the employees’ pick-up and drop-off may be delayed.

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Although they seem insignificant, employees’ physical and psychological conditions will be compromised. Consequently, their productivity will decrease.

When it comes to a trustworthy bus rental company, TRAC is the answer. This car and bus rental company is a part of Astra Group. TRAC offers a variety of options, from small and medium buses to big and luxury buses.

You can choose from an 11-seater to a 59-seater bus. TRAC prioritizes safety—every seat in its buses is equipped with a seat belt.

To give additional benefits to its customers, some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, a bathroom, a karaoke machine, as well as a kitchen countertop and pantry. Every TRAC bus has glass breakers, emergency exits, and light fire extinguishers (APAR).

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With over 30 years of experience, this company ensures that all of its bus drivers are well-trained and experienced. This further enhances passengers’ comfort and safety.

It is also easy to get TRAC services. You can use the TRACtoGo app, which is available to download on Play Store and App Store.

You can also reach out to the Customer Assistance Center at 1500009 or send an email to To learn more about TRAC’s car rental services, please visit the official website