How to Ensure Occupational Safety at the Workplace

The Importance of Prioritizing Occupational Safety

Occupational safety must be guaranteed. Although we spend more time working at the office, occupational accidents can still happen. Some things may sometimes jeopardize employees' safety.

That being said, occupational safety is often linked to outdoor and industrial activities.

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This is because one uses heavy equipment and heavy machinery deemed more dangerous to complete the activities. For this reason, there is a greater risk of occupational accidents.

Wherever the workplace is, safety merits the main consideration. Thus, employees can work safely and comfortably, achieving the target set by the company.

Considering the importance of occupational safety at the workplace, the government made a regulation on it, namely Regulation of the Minister of Health (Permenkes) Number 48 of 2016 on the Occupational Safety and Health Standards at the Office.

It requires every company to adopt the occupational safety and health management system (SMK3), which encompasses the following: (i) policy formation; (ii) planning; (iii) plan implementation; (iv) monitoring and evaluation; and (v) performance review and improvement.

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As an employer, every company is also obliged to mitigate occupational accidents or disasters in the workplace by providing light fire extinguishers (APAR), emergency exits, and escape stairs.

However, employees should remain vigilant. There are several ways to reduce the risk of occupational accidents at the workplace.

5 Tips on Ensuring Occupational Safety at the Workplace

Do Not Run at the Office

Despite the tight deadline, ensure you are not in a hurry and do not run at the office. Nothing is more important than your safety. It seems that companies agree about it.

If you run at the office, you endanger yourself and distract many other employees by causing panic over what is happening.

It can be worse if your office is not well organized. You can be at risk of falling.

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Take a Freight Elevator to Carry Heavy Objects

Use a freight elevator when carrying heavy objects not to cause inconvenience for others.

By taking a passenger elevator, you may disturb and endanger those taking the elevator as the objects you carry may fall.

Do Not Store Any Items on the Stairs

Even though stairs are rarely used, they are important during emergencies, such as fire, earthquakes, or bomb threats. Ensure everyone's mobility by avoiding storing unused items on the stairs.

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Do Not Enter a Restricted Area without Permission

Every workplace has a room that not all employees can enter. The restriction is placed for security and safety reasons.

An example is a server room that usually has high voltage. Another is a warehouse where big and heavy objects are stored. Do not enter such a room without permission when it has nothing to do with your job.

Be Sure to Work Safely at All Times

As many people do their activities in the same place, every employee must be mindful of occupational safety and health (K3).

Be sure to remind each other about complying with the company regulation on K3. It is for the common good so every employee can work safely.

Following these simple tips can ensure occupational safety and health at the workplace.

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