Spike in Bus Accidents: The Best Time to Review the Bus Safety Guidelines

Pick a Tour Bus Rental that Puts Safety First

Many people like to charter a bus to go on vacation together during the holiday seasons—just like last Christmas and New Year.

Sadly, we often hear news of road accidents during long holidays—some involving tour buses. It’s tragic when such a fun-filled plan with friends and family ends up in disaster.

There are many factors contributing to road accidents. For those involving buses, one factor is the bus’s nonconformity to safety standards.

When looking to charter a tour bus, many people first look for the shiny outside finish and nice interior. Many more are lured by bargain prices. Those are definitely appealing—but never neglect the safety aspect!

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According to the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub), tour buses must comply with certain safety standards. These are not just about having safety features like seat belts, mirrors, brakes with excellent grip, and other safety technologies.

It goes beyond that. For example, a tour bus must pass the whole vehicle type approval and roadworthiness inspection by the Kemenhub.

International Standard Safety Test

One coachbuilder known to routinely pass the safety test is Laksana. All buses with bodies built by the company have passed the safety test with international standards as per Regulation Number 66 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

In addition to the rollover test, the testing procedure consists of seat and anchorage strength tests, which aim to verify that the seats, including their floor anchor points, operate properly and remain in place during an accident or sudden braking.

There is also a flammability test to determine how different materials inside a bus will burn if it catches fire. These materials should meet the requirements for fire retardancy.

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Not all coachbuilders implement safety testing. Still, their products must comply with certain standards set by the Kemenhub. Therefore, it’s essential that you check whether the bus you plan to rent meets the safety requirements.

You can learn more about it on the official website of the Directorate-General of Land Transportation of Kemenhub.

For Guaranteed Safety, Rent a Tour Bus from TRAC

When it comes to ensuring safety, you need to be meticulous and take your time looking for a bus rental that fully complies with the requirements of the Kemenhub. But here’s a cheat: just charter one from TRAC.

This car and bus rental company is a part of Astra Group. TRAC offers a variety of options, from small and medium buses to big and luxury buses. You can be sure that every vehicle from TRAC meets Kemenhub’s safety requirements.

You can choose from 11-seat to 59-seat configurations. Always prioritizing safety, TRAC equips every seat in its buses with a seat belt.

For added convenience, some buses even come with Wi-Fi, LCD TVs, bathrooms, karaoke machines, as well as kitchen countertops and pantries. Every bus is also equipped with glass breakers, emergency exits, and fire extinguishers.

With over 30 years of experience, the company makes sure that all its bus drivers are well-trained and experienced, providing guaranteed safety and comfort for the passengers.

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TRAC Bus Wins Ministry of Transportation Award

Proving itself to be a transportation company that consistently offers safe and convenient solutions, TRAC once again received the Wahana Adhigana and Abdi Yasa 2023 awards from the Directorate General of Land Transportation on September 22 in Jakarta.

Thirty-five transportation companies providing intercity, interprovince, and tour services were evaluated for the nationwide awards. TRAC was in the top three for the middle-sized tour services company category.

TRAC received the awards after the judges determined that its buses met all the requirements in providing safe land transportation for passengers.

There were three stages to the awarding process. An initial coordination was done during the first stage, which includes setting up the criteria. In the second stage, companies applied for the awards and performed self-assessment, followed by a customer satisfaction survey, a performance survey, and a visit to select companies by the awards committee.

The third stage was the ceremony, during which awards were presented to the winners. The award is proof of TRAC‘s commitment to delivering safe and quality transportation service by bus.

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Now, it’s your time. Choose the bus rental that puts your safety first. Choose the trusted, experienced, and reputable bus rental: TRAC.

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