Fuel-Saving Car Recommendations for Commuting

When deciding the best commuter car, a series of aspects are often considered, ranging from the vehicle’s design, feature, price, brand, and capacity.

Another equally important aspect is the car’s fuel consumption as it will be a regular expenditure for car owners.

No wonder that the best-selling cars in today’s market are those with low prices and low-powered engines with a capacity of under 1.5 liters.

Such cars are often called LGCGs (Low-Cost Green Cars)and designed to prioritize efficient driving experience.

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The cars above may be known for their fuel efficiency, but it’s not entirely exclusive to them since non-LGCC cars also offer the same feature. Check out these affordable, fuel-efficient cars below.

8 Fuel-Efficient Car Options

Daihatsu Ayla

Daihatsu Ayla is an LCGC with a 1.2-liter engine and two transmission types, manual and automatic. Its fuel consumption ranges between 20 km/liter and 26 km/liter depending on the traffic condition.

Toyota Agya

Toyota Agya, the LCGC twin of Daihatsu Ayla, also relies on the same 1.2-liter engine’s performance. So, both cars share an approximately equal fuel consumption.

Daihatsu Sigra

Daihatsu Sigra is also included in the 1.2-liter LCGC engine and is widely known for its fuel-efficient feature. When driven on intercity roads, it achieves fuel efficiency of 17 km/liter to 21 km/liter.

Compared to Ayla and Agya, one of its superior benefits is the spacious 7-seater capacity.

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Daihatsu Xenia

Let’s move the discussion from LGCCs to low MPVs. The first one is Daihatsu Xenia. This car also offers fuel efficiency of 14 km/liter to 18 km/liter when used on city or intercity roads.

Toyota Avanza

Like the Daihatsu Xenia, the Toyota Avanza is included in the low MPV list with a 7-seater capacity. Both cars consume roughly the same amount of fuel.

Suzuki Ertiga

The competitor of Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia in the low-MPV class is Suzuki Ertiga. This Suzuki is geared by a 1.5-liter engine, which produces 103 hp.

It’s no longer a secret that Ertiga is known for its fuel efficiency and is equipped with a 7-seater capacity. Depending on the travel route and roads, it can reach 14.5 km/liter to 18.6 km/liter.

Innova Zenix

Part of the Toyota Innova variant, Toyota Innova Zenix offers hybrid technology as the key to achieve fuel efficiency.

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This spacious MPV is the most economical variant in its class, reaching from 14 km/liter to 21 km/liter on the intercity route.

Toyota Fortuner

People widely assume that Fortuner is a powerful vehicle with high fuel consumption. However, the vehicle’s diesel engine has proven that it is fuel-saving.

The ladder-framed car consumes between 12 km/liter and 17 km/liter of fuel. In addition to being fuel-saving, this diesel type has other advantages. The engine is powerful, and the vehicle is equipped with high ground clearance for rough roads.

Those are the recommendations for economical cars for commuting. Despite their fuel-efficient engines, these cars remain powerful in each class.

For a more cost-effective experience, you can rent these fuel-saving commuting cars. Any fleets in a car rental are available tailored to your needs, and you don’t have to worry about regular car maintenance.

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