A View on the Future of Indonesia’s

Significantly Increasing Warehouse Business

The future of Indonesia’s warehousing seems bright, especially if we look at the increasing annual trends. Warehousing is a service to provide space to store goods. Economic actors, especially export and import entrepreneurs, find this service valuable.

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Renting a warehouse allows entrepreneurs to save their expenses and increase operational efficiency. Moreover, the goods’ safety and security will be more guaranteed there.

Indonesia’s warehousing business keeps growing along with the thriving national economy, including what was seen in 2022. This business showed impressive growth records in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek) alone.

Recent Commercial Property Development (PPKOM) data released by Bank Indonesia (BI) indicated that the demand for commercial property in those regions rose to 0.14% in Q4 of 2022. Q1 of 2022 also saw an increase of 0.06%.

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Such growth is triggered by the flourishing warehousing sector, at an average of 15% - 20%. Most of the increasing warehousing demands came from the food & beverage (F&B) industry and distribution center warehouses from Chinese and Japanese companies.

Meanwhile, Colliers data shows that in 2022, the logistics industry, especially warehousing contributed up to 14.32% of the total transactions. In the same year, the transactions of industrial land comprised of land sales, warehouse leases, and industrial land leases amounted to 212.74 hectares.

The number was higher than the total sale in 2021 of up to 210.47 hectares. It suggests that since the pandemic in 2020, the land sales of the logistics sector, including warehousing, peaked in 2022.

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Indonesia’s Warehousing has Promising Future

Many people are optimistic about the promising future of Indonesia’s warehousing business, supported by these factors:

  • Indonesia’s geographical position
  • Consumption growth level of the society
  • Economic growth
  • Goods shipping business shift to the e-commerce system.

As an archipelago, Indonesia needs countless warehouses,especially with the society’s endless consumption and the potentially growing economy.

However, an important factor in advancing the warehouse business is the digital-technology-based business model or e-commerce.

To anticipate consumers’ demands for quick and on time shipping, stock availability needs extremely proper storage.

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The potential warehousing clients highlight the warehouse’s offered services, condition and quality, and access to export and import transportation centers.

Their concerns are not only in the goods’ security and safety, but also the speed to transport them.

So, it’s best to choose a logistics service provider company that also provides warehousing services. Make sure that it applies one-stop services.

PT Serasi Logistic Indonesia, or SELOG, is the right solution. As part of PT Serasi Autoraya business line and Astra, SELOG is widely known as one of Indonesia’s biggest transportation and logistics service providers.

With various services, SELOG is present to fulfill the customers’ needs for end-to-end logistics service.

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Types of SELOG Logistics Services

Contract Logistics

For customers wanting to focus on the core competition and increase their business margin, the need for logistics service can be met easily by SELOG.

It provides integrated logistics services ranging from planning and implementation, to monitoring processes via logistics contract service.

It also manages logistics contract service for four-wheeled vehicles and heavy equipment along with their components.

Shipping Services

For domestic cargo shipping, SELOG also provides marine shipping and distribution services. SELOG services have an outstanding reputation as a quality marine transportation service provider, prioritizing cargo shipping for the automotive and heavy equipment industries.

Shipping Agency

SELOG also provides shipping agent services collaborating with Jardine Shipping Services (JSS), the biggest shipping agent in Asia.

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Freight Forwarding

For heavy equipment or other cargo, SELOG provides shipping services using various modes of transportation for domestic shipping by guaranteeing safety, punctuality, and zero defect.

Warehouse and Yard Management

SELOG offers management and goods storage services for your supply chain needs. It has a Warehouse Management System(WMS), which enables continuous tracking of received, picked up, delivered, and withheld goods, as well as damaged goods and completed shipments.

WMS also allows customers to monitor inventory, including low-stock goods, in real-time. In addition, SELOG provides additional inbound and outbound transportation services to ensure the goods’ safe arrival without any damage.

Courier Services

What’s more, SELOG offers express courier services to deliver your package using the right vehicle. In general, SELOG services are divided into standard service and solution service. The standard services include the same-day, next-day, and regular services.

You can always rely on the solution service as a specialized one to send VPD (valuable, perishable, and dangerous) goods such as documents, items, and packages that are too large and heavy to be shipped using regular cargo services.

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